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September 30
carille surf spot la union

Thank You Jesus

My first time in Carille was just last year. It was December 31st, the end of 2012 where me and a handful of Manila surfers and […]
September 24
tj cafuir

Goodbye LokalSoul, Hello LokalSoul!

Hey dear reader. Welcome back to Lokalsoul! It’s been a long time. 4 months since the last post. What’s up with that? Haha. Well, a lot […]
January 23

AJ Hangs Five

A close friend of ours here at LokalSoul, AJ Koh is one of those young surfers who gets the classic style of longboarding. We always talk […]
January 17

List of VANS Concept Stores in the Philippines

Sure you can find VANS shoes in department stores nationwide. But for those new drops, those illest kicks – you gotta go to the VANS concept […]
October 18

JAROMANOY Skimboards: Our Story So Far…

written by Vicente Dayrit It all began when Jaro Anillo started to make skimboards for himself back in 2005. He met Vince Dayrit at Crystal beach […]
October 10

Skin Deep with Tattoo Artist Frances Arbie

Wahine Ink Frances Arbie is one of the few female tattoo artists in the Philippines who has carved a name of her own. With her ink […]