lokal diaries

February 25

It’s Good to Be Single! The Lokalsoul Experience at the Single & Unattached 2015

Whewww what an amazing weekend once again. Every single year the Coast Thru Life event just keeps on getting better and this year is off the […]
February 4
marvin calo skimboarding mati

Marvin Calo. Skimboarder.

Meet skimboarder Marvin Calo. He is from Toril, Davao City and here he is at the beautiful beach of Mati. See Marvin does not have hands […]
February 3
surfing in Iligan

There is Surfing in Iligan City

Just going thru my Lokalsoul Facebook newsfeed I saw a photo of my friend Kitoy inside a small barrel. Cool photo. But then I realised that […]
February 2
Ryan slippin' and slidin'

Amihan Off, Amihan On!

So the Oya crew went to Baler for the weekend. The forecast looked good and our friend Roy of Aliya Surf Camp even posted a photo […]
January 28

New Logo #workinprogress

Legend has it that the old Lokalsoul logo was created many years ago when the author was on his office computer right in the middle of […]
October 9
tj cafuir

Less Style More Technical

Normally I’m the kind of guy who’s mellow about things. But lately I’m being too hard on myself and it frustrates me. I’m talking particularly about […]