August 1

My Surf Transformation

by Ricky Santillan As my photos will show I have gone through a “massive” change. In fact, I have lost over 40 pounds since I started […]
July 26


by Edeliza Virata Insatiable. A wise friend once said that we human beings are forever insatiable. We are never content, never satisfied, always looking for something […]
July 25

SAKLAY: A Ronnie “Poks” Esquivel Documentary

La Union surfer Ronnie “Poks” Esquivel has recently passed away due to deteriorating health conditions. News of his passing swept across the nation and even overseas […]
July 22

Rest in Peace Poks Esquivel. Thank You For the Inspiration.

Kinda lost for words here. Never knew Poks that well except that he has inspired many of us. So here’s one more time watching Poks surf. […]
July 5

SURF VIDEO: Welcome to Bren’s Surf Break in the Philippines

So it was just another rainy day yesterday in Manila and we were so bored to death. When you haven’t surfed for a while the least […]
June 26

Aloha Boardsports Teamriders Win Big in China and Indonesia

After the very controversial Pacquiao fight decision, Filipino sports fan seem to be walking with a dark cloud over their heads. But, don’t worry, here comes […]