July 16


Kai Peralta is a 22 year old Business Management degree holder living in the city. Working for the Bank of Commerce, Kai is one of those Manila–based weekend surf enthusiasts that clear their schedule ahead of time constantly itching to get back in the water. However, she doesn’t just leave her memories behind whenever it’s time to go back to the real world.
July 8

Sabang Beach, Baler: Be Here Now

A tricycle ride from the bus terminal at Baler, Sabang Beach stands out thanks to its distinct long stretch of sandy shoreline. But a stark difference […]
July 7

Soul Surfing Samar by Domcar Lagto

Batangas local Domcar Lagto has been surfing and skimming the secret spots of Nasugbu with relentless passion. He is very active in the community tirelessly promoting […]
July 2

Surf Etiquette: The Rule of the Surf

Sometimes locals are pretty much friendly and forgiving to visiting surfers. But of course we don’t wanna be idiots and make ourselves total jackasses out there […]
July 2

O Baler Where Art Thou?

The title alone might make you want to scratch your head. But before you do, let me explain. It was actually inspired by the movie “O […]
June 26

Philippine Surfing Dream Destinations

Among the list of surf spots in the Philippines, there are some that we really really want to surf. These spots have amazing waves and even […]