March 18

Stay Strong Japan

a photo in the rubble Nobody really understands the deeper meaning to this all. Natural disasters just happen, prepared or not prepared. But we as live […]
March 17

video: As REAL as It Gets

More and more people are gathering in Real, Quezon to get some of that stoke. We haven’t been there, but surely one of these days we […]
March 16

Days of Stoke at the 6th MSA Cup

Lokalsoul is really happy and thankful to be part of the 6th MSA Cup held in La Union. It was two days of surfing, meeting fellow […]
March 15

Baler Surf Jam!

And the good times just keep on rolling! Join the fun as the Baler Surf Jam starts on Thursday, March 17 and ends on Saturday. Check […]
March 1

A Costume Surf Competition at La Union

When was the last time you saw Panday, Jem and the Holograms, black Ninjas and a Spanish Priest at the beach? Better yet, when was the […]
February 26

Surfing the Heavens of Cloud 9

Marion Vertuel took these pictures probably decked on the Cloud 9 tower. Finger on the shutter, eyes on the viewfinder. A sunny day, gentle breeze in […]