June 16

5th Beach Break Master 2011 at Baler, Aurora

Who will outlast competition and emerge as this year’s “Master” at the famous beach breaks of Sabang, Baler? Head to Baler this weekend to find out. […]
June 15

Surf Porn Wednesdays @ LokalSoul June 15

GrindTV has their Surf Porn Thursdays. Here at LokalSoul we’re doing it on Wednesdays! This is that day of the week where everything is in sort […]
June 14

Tia Blanco: Young, Charging and Filipina

California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico. These are places that 14 year old Tia Blanco, a current resident of San Clemente, California, has already […]
June 14

“AMPED” – A Film by the Mahdox Boys

Why is it called amped? You just got to watch the clip and see. Check out more of the Mahdox films by adding their Facebook account […]
June 9

Save Philippine Seas

We are in love with the ocean. And for something that has given us so much, what have we done to give back? Sad to say […]
June 4

Isang Taon na ang LokalSoul!

(walang Jerry samin kinuha ko lang sa Google yan. astig no?) Happy Birthday to us! Maraming salamat una sa lahat sa mga nag contribute sa LokalSoul. […]