July 7

Siargao’s Osot Alcala on Surfing Life Magazine

Next time you pick up a surf magazine, keep your eyes open for Filipino surfers. You’ll never know. You might be looking at two page spreads […]
June 29

Surf Porn Wednesdays @LokalSoul June 29

It’s Wednesday once again children of the surf and you know what time it is! Time to watch some pretty cool videos handpicked for your surf […]
June 29

Philippine Surfers Saving Lives

Corey and Lui Startling news came and spread around the surfing community early this week. Seasoned Filipino wave chargers Corey Wills and Lui Tortuya were having […]
June 24

the Mother Falls of Baler

of course, you go to Baler to surf. but there are days when the waves aren’t that good, or it’s close to being flat. fortunately it’s […]
June 22

Surf Porn Wednesdays @LokalSoul June 22

Another week has passed since the last Surf Porn Wednesdays at Lokalsoul? Man that was fast. So what video goodness do we have at Surf Porn […]
June 17

Luke Landrigan: Taking Every Juan’s Surf Culture to the Next Level

Growing up in a family with great passion for surfing, and having the San Juan Surf Resort in La Union as his childhood playground, Luke Landrigan’s […]