January 26

Surfboard Art by Pedro Santi

Our friend surfer/skater Peter James Villarta has always been the artistic one in the group. One of his creative pastimes is painting art on surfboards using […]
January 21

Locals Only! The Lanuza Cupid’s Surf Contest 2012

Here’s a local showdown down South now that’s an awesome poster The Lanuza Cupid’s Surf Contest is a surf event for the locals. Surf will be held […]
January 20

Surf Video: The Day Before Christmas at Baler

While we were slicing ham at home, the Philippine’s best surfers Okoy, Jeff and Pete Pete were launching airs and throwing sprays at the bowl at […]
January 18

video: A Trip to the Majestics

Remember the awesome Stranded in Paradise blog entry we posted last year? Well it now has a video and it’s much much more awesome. There’s a […]
January 13

6th Aurora Surfing Challenge 2012

PREPARE FOR THE FIRST NATIONAL SURF COMPETITION OF THE YEAR Happening on Feb 9 to 12 that’s Thursday to Sunday, the competition will be held at […]
January 10

Manila Surfers Association Relief Drive: Final Batch of Goods Sent to CDO

Dropped off the last relief goods the Manila Surfers Association has received from its donation drive to the Red Cross Pasig office over the weekend. Aside […]