March 30

Cool Ten at the Aurora Surfing Challenge by Photographer Mark Cristino

Mark Cristino is a sports photographer from Manila who is no stranger to the surf and skate scene. He is part of the awesome Blunt Magazine […]
March 24

SUMMER SURF! the 4th Annual Baler Beginner’s Surf Cup Apr 7 to 8

People the heat of summer is upon us! And when summer strikes there’s this usual place we go to to cool off – the beach! Yeah […]
March 15

Scenes from the 7th MSA Cup: Official Photo Gallery

The just concluded 7th MSA Cup held in La Union was very successful in showcasing wave riding talent from Manila and in unifying and strengthening camaraderie […]
March 7

The PSA SURFCUIT Training Program

So I constantly find myself getting landlocked plenty of times. Oh the pains of being a surfer from Manila. Work, family and many other things refrain […]
February 28

A Manila Surfer’s Guide to the 7th Manila Surfer’s Cup: Para Sa’yo to, Kid!

INTRODUCTION The Philippine surfing bug hasn’t bitten anyone locally more harder than those who live in Metro Manila. These city based surfers come from all sorts […]
February 21

Life’s Better in Boardshorts: free short film by Billabong

Sometimes at home I wear my boardshorts to sleep because well, you never know, I do go on surf trips in my dreams from time to […]