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LokalSoul is a magazine-style blog about surfing in the Philippines. It provides surf and travel information, surfing tips and technique, surfing news and lifestyle and just about everything happening in Philippine surfing. All content comes from real people with real passion for surfing and we hope to spread the stoke, online.


Back from a recent surf trip? Got an awesome surf photo to share? Contribute to LokalSoul and have your awesome experience featured. It’s all about sharing man!

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  1. interesting blog. i am a newbie too and i love how you write about your early experiences as a surfer. hopefully maging magaling din ako like how u wanted it nung bago kapa. :)

  2. hi Jarrah. thanks for dropping by! madali lang naman gumaling sa surfing. WATER TIME! surf lang ng surf. many times ma frufrustrate ka and you’ll even question yourself. pero yung mga, surf lang ulet. eventually gagaling ka na din! see you in the lineup!

  3. hi lokalsoul! just another boring night here in office again, reading on your site and thinking about surfing, i really wanted to surf but i dont know how to swim yet.. is it ok to have surf lesson in la union eventhough i dont know how to swim…. hopefully i can surf soon to be free and break dis boring call center life.. :)

  4. hello baguioboi! thanks for dropping by. you don’t need to know how to swim in order to surf. in fact, there’s a lot of surfers who don’t know how to swim but are good surfers! yeah. come down to LU and get a lesson. it’s really easy. conquer your fear!

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