VIDEOS: Promdisea x ALAT bois at the S&U 2015 by Indioboy Productions

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February 25
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VIDEOS: Promdisea x ALAT bois at the S&U 2015 by Indioboy Productions

tanjun fietas single and unattached 2015

Gino Jose & Dino Pastrano of Indioboy Productions were kind enough to edit clips from our heats at the Coast Thru Life Single and Unattached 2015 presented by VANS. You already know that we had so much fun right? Click here again to read about the 10 unforgettable things we experienced that weekend. Now, here’s two videos to add to the stoke. First our friends from Promdisea. Chuchu na!

Promdisea Boys Single and Unattached 2015… by gino-jose-33
Surfers: Tanjun Fietas, Jeff Ganuelas, Norman “Texbak” Dalora, Buboy Palad aka VRP and Junior Ventura. Promdisea Surf Shop is where the log heads and single fin lovers hang out. Check it out!

And then of course the ALAT bois. Surfers: Tj Cafuir, AJ Koh, Lance Cha and A Dedace who is not on the video surfing but it’s ok because too many girls love him anyway.

Alat Bois by gino-jose-33
Indioboy covered the event and we’re excited to watch their final movie. Many thanks again to the dynamic duo of Gino and Dino. Had a hell of good time. You guys killed it. Surf soon!

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