It’s Good to Be Single! The Lokalsoul Experience at the Single & Unattached 2015

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Marvin Calo. Skimboarder.
February 4
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VIDEOS: Promdisea x ALAT bois at the S&U 2015 by Indioboy Productions
February 27
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It’s Good to Be Single! The Lokalsoul Experience at the Single & Unattached 2015


Whewww what an amazing weekend once again. Every single year the Coast Thru Life event just keeps on getting better and this year is off the charts! The highlight videos are out. Seen the drone shots? Beautiful. But rather than just reposting what’s out there let me tell tell you about our experience – the Lokalsoul experience in the haze of beautiful surfing, partying, fooling around and all the craziness in between!

1) Day 1 – Thursday Feb 19 – THE POINT IS PERFECT


photo by Tim Hain

We arrived Thursday early morning at San Juan. Pulling up at the Little Surfmaid Resort’s parking lot we already saw heads out in the water. And as we approached the veranda, the Point was pumping clean waist high waves! Glassy all the way perfect for single fin longboarding. The competition hasn’t started yet and you know what that means. Freesurf! Took out my Ehiku 777 out of its boardbag, bolted my True Ames single fin, took of my shirt and paddled out to the lineup in a flash. There I met with the best of the best La Union surfers which also happened to be my co-competitors (nuks!). Lots of good vibes in the water and we were taking off wave after wave. Stoked even before the event started!

2) HEAT 3 – Jeff Dela Torre vs Chris Par vs Honeywell Baguio vs TJ Cafuir (that’s me!)

honeywell baguio

Honeywell. photo by Allen Aligam.

So how’s that for my heat. Jeff Dela Torre IS Jeff Dela Torre, Chris Par is an absolute beast and Honeywell is one of the most relaxed surfers out there. And me? I was just purely excited to be surfing with them! To surf the Point with only the 4 of you for 20 minutes, are you kidding? I’m happy and humbled to be invited and be part of S&E. And there’s really no pressure to perform except, well, to look good on camera. Hey I need to look good on Instagram!

woohooo! photo by Allen Aligam.

slip and slide bruhhhhh. yewww! photo by Allen Aligam.

So while the guys were rippin’ nose rides, I took off on a wave and did something I’ve done several times but never at the Point. I laid down, put my hands at the back of my neck and watched the wave peel before me. There’s no real score for it but it doesn’t matter. I was able to do my own thing and it’s the best feeling. Couldn’t hear but my friends said they were cheering from the beach. That really got me beyond stoked right there. Only at the Single and Unattached.


us ALAT bois with Nicky boi and Buji. photo by May Prado.

us ALAT bois with Nicky boi and Buji. photo by May Prado.

As expected, the brotherhood known as the ALAT bois – AJ, Lance, A, and TJ – lost. A has a busted shoulder, Lance did some noserides but lost his board all the time and AJ, I don’t know what the hell happened to Kevs. We think he was still drunk from the pre-party at Cubao X. But we all had fun and it is more than we could ever ask. We are honoured to be part of the event. We love single fin surfing and we’ll continue to have fun doing so. It is great to have Buji and the La Union locals to look up to. Hope to be back next year!

4) Firing Lefts at the Bowl, Girls at the Beach Break

thank you, bowl. photo by Gab Sarmiento of Blunt Magazine.

thank you, bowl. photo by Gab Sarmiento of Blunt Magazine.

While the competition was still on going at the Point there’s a ton of fun going on at the left break of the Bowl. The left break had size and the wall stands up. The Promdisea guys were having fun. Jeff Ganuelas a.k.a. AK a.k.a. Moonshine & Salwater dished out hang tens and smooth turns on his new Zamora board. Texbak Dalora slashed them lefts with style and power. We soon joined them and surfed till we became extremely hungry. We forgot we didn’t even had breakfast yet!

Oh did I mention girls? We checked out the beach break and there were some pretty ladies surfing. You know that even though the Bowl was better you just needed to hang around where the girls are? Yes. We made pa-cute for a while. Said a little hi and hello, what’s your name, and see you laters. Hey it’s the Single and Unattached after all. Awts.

5) Surf Camp Single Fin Stories by Monty

all ears on steve "monty" montell's classic stories. photo by Nina Santamaria.

all ears on Steve “Monty” Montell’s classic stories. photo by Koi Busalla.

Steve “Monty” Montell is an absolute legend. One evening we gathered at the San Juan Surf Camp’s newly renovated restaurant and listened to Monty’s stories from the beginnings of single fin surfing to where the future of the art is headed. He was there way before single fin was cool again and he really pushed the art of logging to be passed on to the next generation the right way. He told a lot of fantastic stories and we were like kids listening to grandpa (sorry about that Monty). He played the a big part in the evolution of single fin surfing and did a great job being the head judge of the Asian Surfing Championships for S&E 2015.

Monty is based in Bali and we hope to hang out with him on our trip this June!

6) Single and Ready to Ahhhhh Yeaaaaah!

Back to them girls. A lot of people came to La Union for the Coast Thru Life event and it was the perfect time to be out and about and as they say, to get lucky. You got surfers, the Manila crowd, foreigners from all over flocked in one beach. Sun soaked bodies with bronze tan lines come out at night to cool down and after a few cocktails things do get a little naughty around here.

We did the usual rounds. Beers at Promdisea first, chick scouting at Flotsam and Jetsam second and last hurrah at AfterSesh. Who fooled around and got lucky? Hmm. I’m not gonna tell. Just take a look at Allen’s party night photos and do some scouting yourself.


7) Crashing at the Circle Hostel La Union

dream of surf, wake up to surf

our hammock view. the Circle Hostel La Union’s common area.

Still our favourite place in La Union to retire after a full day of surfing. Nothing beats the steady vibe here. The Circle Hostel is located across the beach (the road before Surf Shack) and is tucked away from the noise of the town. It’s a different world at Circle where you can just be yourself, talk to travellers from all parts of the world and get a good night’s sleep. The mango tree beside the common area really gives Zen to the place and the dim lights are perfect at night.

good night sweet prince

AJ Kevs. Good night sweet prince.

8) Awarding Night

I would go on and say that Single and Unattached 2015 was a world class single fin longboarding event that will surely put San Juan on the map as a hotbed for single fin surfing. Really, the videos made by the Asian Surfing Championship can make log heads in Malibu or Noosa or anywhere in the world turn. Watch the highlights of the event and the awarding night as shot by the awesome Sean Gilhooley of Indo Inc below.

Contest Results:

benito 2

photo by Allen Aligam

Men’s Division
1. Benito Nerida – PHP 35,000 ($745 USD)
2. Jay-R Esquivel – PHP 15,000 ($339 USD)
3. Ian Saguan – PHP 6,000 ($135 USD)
4. Moro Gandawali – PHP 4,000 ($90 USD)


photo by Allen Aligam

Women’s Division
1. Daisy Valdez – PHP 20,000 ($452 USD)
2. Menchie Par – PHP 10,000 ($226 USD)
3. Azalea Valdez – PHP 6,000 ($135 USD)
4. Rhea Ventura – PHP 4,000 ($90 USD)

Tiny Toes Junior Division
1. RJ Lopez
2. Jhenard Fernandez
3. John Paul Bersamina
4. Warren Lopez

Nixon Sickest Trick Award Winner:
Men’s Winner: Jay-R Esquivel
Women’s Winner: Daisy Valdez

Beautiful surfing by La Union’s finest. Dalluyon Surfboard’s Benito Nerida a.k.a. Captain Logger came out with the best performance with his long noserides and smooth wave riding. Congrats Benits!

9) Buji Libarnes Proposed to Nikki Dela Paz On Stage!

proposal 3

It was the craziest thing that happened all week! None of us saw it coming. Buji was giving a speech about the event when suddenly he turned his attention to Nikki, spoke sweet sweet words of love, took out a ring and proposed right there at the stage. Nikki cried and said yes. Boom. Love is in the air and everyone felt it. Congratulations to you two!


To wrap up the amazing event that was Coast Thru Life Single and Unattached 2015 presented by VANS, the beach folk danced to the tunes of our favorite bands. The Rod Mijares Combo, Pingkaw, Brigada, Coffeebreak Island and the Flippin’ Soul Stompers gave rockin’ performances that made everyone get up and get funky! At this point everyone danced liked no one was watching. But of course sneaky sniper Allen took photos!

And that’s a wrap! Congratulations to Coast Thru Life for an event for the ages! We will be talking about this for a long time. Congrats and many thanks to Soc Alvarez and to the VANS PH team for supporting our scene and surf community. Thanks to Tim, Monty, Sean of the Asian Surfing Championship. Thanks to the LUSC and to the La Union locals who we all love. Thanks to Raf and Ziggie of the Circle Hostel. Thanks Dino and Gino of Indioboy Productions for a great time. Thanks Gab of Blunt Magazine and many thanks to Allen Aligam for the photos. Shout out to Errole of Dalluyon Surfboards and to all people we hung out with. See you all next year!

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