Amihan Off, Amihan On!

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Amihan Off, Amihan On!

Ryan slippin' and slidin'

Ryan slippin' and slidin'

So the Oya crew went to Baler for the weekend. The forecast looked good and our friend Roy of Aliya Surf Camp even posted a photo of Rollin’s Point breaking clean and glassy during the week. That really salivated our mouths. Most of us haven’t been to Baler for a while plus it was the Circle Hostel Baler’s soft opening and we really wanted to visit our friend Ziggie and check out the new place. So to Baler we went with high hopes of good surf.

Saturday morning it was offshore with solid waist high waves! Perfect for longboarding. It was one of those times when all you need is one look at the break and you immediately stick your fin and wax your board and run off to paddle out. Here’s some of our photos courtesy of course by the sneaky sniper Allen Aligam:

All is well until the WIND started blowing crazy. I think were just surfing for about an hour! I only had 3 waves man! What the hell. The sea went crazy. Amihan was on! Waves were blown out. I lost my board. What was cold became freezing. It became harder to get back to the lineup. I paddled in and walked all the way to Secret spot to scout surfable breaks. None. The whole Sabang was blown out. Amihan uwian. Our surf for the day was done.

That’s how it goes I guess. Some farway spots were probably working but we decided to just rest at Circle (by rest I mean drinking bayanad whiskey and other concoctions). Amihan is a cold hearted bitch but what can you do. The wind is part of the beautiful nature of Aurora.

A reliable source says that the wind will mellow next week. The 9th Aurora Surfing Challenge is on its way and surfers will be arriving at Baler to showcase their skill in this much anticipated yearly competition. We sincerely hope that at that time Amihan will be off and amazing surfing will be on!


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