VIDEO: Birthday Surf

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VIDEO: Birthday Surf

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Throwback surfday! It was my 24th birthday last December 13 and that particular La Union weekend was extra amazing. Almost all spots in La Union surf town was working incredibly. The forecast was spot on. Overheads at the Point, head highs at Carrille, clean walls at Bacnotan and fun peelers at Darigayos! We were supposed to surf Carrille but 3 out 4 of us ALAT bois wanted to surf lefts for a change and fortunately Darigayos did not disappoint.

DarigOYAs from A Dedace on Vimeo.

Swell all day and even if it got windy, the waves just kept peeling in. It actually got better and bigger in the afternoon. The Oya crew surfed all day till sunset with beers and naps in between. At night we partied at Surfstar and it was crazy. I’d like to post pics but I’ll just point you to the Surfing San Juan page instead.

Hope to get the same stoked for my birthday this year. Can’t wait to surf Darigayos again! Also, I am only 24!

And now you can’t see us #oyacrew #sunog #itim #surfallday #fromdarigayoswithlove

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