New Logo #workinprogress

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New Logo #workinprogress


Legend has it that the old Lokalsoul logo was created many years ago when the author was on his office computer right in the middle of hell week where everyone around him was busy working while he was in his own world watching surf videos online. He came across a Reef ad for its latest surf film Cancer to Capricorn. The feel of the film’s poster is tropical and it captivated him so much that he decided right there and then to blatantly rip off the poster – logo and imagery – and use it as basis for the first and only Lokalsoul logo. The logo would go on to be recognised and it has brought the author to a certain level of blogging success.

What a legendary tale of plagiarism indeed.

Well 5 years onwards after all phases of consistency and inactivity the author is having a new logo designed. The task is is given to his girlfriend, a young and exciting Art Director who is very much capable of producing avant-garde designs. However, said girlfriend is busy with work and eating and drinking and surfing and travelling and dreaming of travelling that a temporary logo will be used first just to get things running.


Hipster right? The author who is void of any Photoshop skills used the Hipster Logo Generator to come up with a clean, hipstery logo that would surely be out fashioned any time soon. But this would do for now. After all, content is more important that looks. So when will the next logo come out? Who knows! The real question is when will the next blog post come out. Well, stick around to find out! Like the LokalSoul Facebook page if you haven’t so and please do spread the word!


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