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SOUL SURF sessions

nicky caymo ancheta surfing

We didn’t even bother to check out the beach break. The Jesus Point was working and that’s all we needed to know.

Carille was giving glassy peelers about knee to waist high in average. Nicky and AJ couldn’t be more excited. These two log heads crave for peelers. Every time we’re together all these two talk about are noserides and classic stylin’. I’d often call them my brothers in glide.

And so us three finally got to surf together this past Soul Surf weekend and given we all got to watch and get inspired by Joel Tudor’s The Ductumentary by VANS, we called our session the Scotchumentary, just for laughs (duct tape – scotch tape). We were joined by resident loggers Buji and Jeff Ganuelas at the lineup and we were then complete. Buji is the master Joel Tudor, stylish Jeff Ganuelas is of course Alex Knost, Nicky and AJ can’t decide who between them is Harrison Roach and me, Tyler Warren? (kapal). Looking back, we should have probably called it the “sketch”-umentary.

nicky “nick” ancheta


perched on the nose

Nick is the funniest guy in and out of the water. Years ago he co-hosted the Zambapalooza event held at Crystal Beach and it was like watching Bubble Gang or something. I can’t stop laughing. In surfing though, Nick is an MSA longboard champion with serious noseriding skills. But you know what, Nick makes it looks easy and best of all he makes it look fun.

aj koh. the blackest legs you’ll ever see cross stepping.


aj hangs five again

 AJ’s dreams are made of these. This kid is really good in balancing work and play. Well, that’s studying and surfing. He’s currently on sem-break right now and is currently in La Union busy getting to the nose all the time.

kiddo cosio. the man of the hour.


all smiles

Kiddo also joined us, on a break from running one of the best coffee place in town, El Union Coffee. I’ve come to know him a lot better recently and I saw a what a good man he is. He has two adorable kids and a lovely wife and against all odds of raising a family away from the city, they are thriving and blending in the community they love most. The Cosio family is inspiring for they truly are fueled by passion. And coffee. Really good coffee.

tj lokalsoul

Me I’ve been just surfing a lot and it’s great that the most peaceful session I’ve had is during the most happening event in La Union. Always glad to be here.

simply buji

What else can we say about Buji. He’s just an absolute legend. He is the guy who makes us want to also Coast Thru Life. To surf be surfing with him is such a treat.

1382199_10201631448461318_1895869629_nand so they say, “It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.”

We surfed Carille the whole day Saturday. We ate there, we slept there and we surfed some more till the sunset came.

So who won the Scotchumentary? It was Nicky! He was doing some rad stuff! Hang-five-heel-kick I don’t even know what its called. He’s so stoked. We all were. There wasn’t really any competition. It was just friends with the same mind set in surfing hootin’ and having fun over what other surfers wouldn’t even bother paddling out to. That is the magic of riding single fin longboards. No matter how small the surf, the magnificent feeling of gliding in the water will always get your soul stoked.

Hoping to get to surf with these guys again. We really had fun at the Soul Surf weekend. Many others did too. Bacnotan made a lot of beginners happy and the Point saw great action from local surfers. Mad props to Surfing Philippines for getting people to come and experience La Union.


Today is Jeff’s birthday today! Jeff is a key figure in Philippine surfing with his photography and surfing. He has influenced and mentored a next generation of gliders both local and Manila surfers to approach surfing with the classic and free flowing style of Single Fin surfing. I can speak for the rest of my peers that his style is something we admire and look up to. Have a good one kap!

Jeff G, skills and style. photo by Migs Banal.


happy birthday! photo by Ian Zamora.

*water shots by Jeff Ganuelas. visit Ian Zamora Images, lots of beautiful surf photography.

thanks for visiting LokalSoul. sea you soon!
words by TJ LokalSoul


  1. baguioboi says:

    hi there! I just want to ask if u know someone in L.U. who can teach me to surf for cheaper price. I’m planning to surf once or twice a month for 2-3 hours. 400 / hour rates in L.U is kinda out of my budget. hehe.. i tried once but only for an hour.. i’m stoked and frustated to be surfer. hehe. any info will be appreciated.

  2. lokalsoul says:

    the 400 peso rate is standard. but, you can befriend locals there and kindly ask for discounts 🙂

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