Goodbye LokalSoul, Hello LokalSoul!

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Goodbye LokalSoul, Hello LokalSoul!

tj cafuir

Hey dear reader. Welcome back to Lokalsoul! It’s been a long time. 4 months since the last post. What’s up with that? Haha. Well, a lot actually and I do feel I owe an explanation to the readers and followers of this blog.

See I’ve been through an amazing time wherein I had the most freedom I’ve ever had in my entire life. No job, no girlfriend. Freedom mates, freedom! During this time I was able to relentlessly pursue my passion which is surfing of course and I was also able to enjoy being a single guy. Surfing for days, partying, dating girls – you may even have heard stories. I am not embarrassed though. In fact, if you do have the time I suggest you do the same. Get free. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Unfortunately I felt uninspired to update Lokalsoul. I really just wanted to surf, surf and get better on my surfing rather than just talking about surfing or featuring someone else’s surfing. Plus I’ve set a standard for myself as the editor-in-chief for this blog. I want my entries to be original, unique and well thought of – something Lokalsoul has been known to produce – and it has become much harder to post something of high standards than ever before. It’s not that there’s no more good stories around. We will never run out of interesting stories in Philippine surfing. I guess the pressure to top what I’ve written before increased. If I had a team of writers then it’ll be easier but as the only person behind this website I have too much load on my shoulders and I can no longer maintain what I’ve started out doing.

Actually this is supposed to be a farewell post as I have already decided Lokalsoul’s fate some time ago. Yes, I have thought of completely shutting down the website with the popular entries permanently deleted. Lokalsoul has done its job. Lokalsoul has entertained, informed and influenced its readers for the past 3 years and I felt that I can call it quits. My blog, my small contribution to surfing, will soon be forgotten and I was okay with it. After all I will still be surfing, and no online property is as important as that.

But alas! A change of heart. Well, a change in perspective. I have covered bases and I’ll keep them just as they are but I really don’t have to write the way I did before. I love surfing and I still love writing about surfing but this time around it will be more personal and not as encompassing as Lokalsoul – the website for Philippine Surfing. It will be just Lokalsoul – that feeling of belonging to the sea even though we are living far from it. Posts will be light, easy going and hopefully still as entertaining (I promise it will) and also hopefully not as this long. And instead of doing  “service” to the surf community it’ll be just as it is. A blog about a guy who surfs on the weekends just trying to get his dose of stoke. Just cruisin’ as I’d like to say.

The old posts are still here but please expect a new look, new tone in writing and a different outlook. I have gone past the freedom phase in my life and I have found new balance. Now I’ve found a new career in Digital Advertising, found a girl that I’m exclusively dating and I am more addicted to surfing than ever before. I have learned a lot in the past 3 years and there’s still a lot of adventures and misadventures waiting and I love to share them here at Lokalsoul version 2. It’s going to be awesome and I hope you still come back and read my stuff from time to time.

This ends the old Lokalsoul and marks the new Lokalsoul. I’m still making changes to the website so nothing’s final with the whole look and stuff. There’s a new logo coming out I hope soon! I will be refreshing the Facebook fan page too. Lots of work! Couldn’t be more excited. We are back! Hello goodbye hello. Again, thank you.

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