AJ Hangs Five

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AJ Hangs Five

A close friend of ours here at LokalSoul, AJ Koh is one of those young surfers who gets the classic style of longboarding. We always talk about our favorite surfers, you know – Alex Knost, Joel Tudor, Tyler Warren, etc. When we are at the lineup, we’re always like telling each other about how we got wiped out trying to cross step, or how we almost got to hang ten before getting wiped out. And after a day’s session, we would always ask Buji Libarnes of Coast Thru Life for tips and techniques that we try so hard to follow the next day. But whatever small accomplishments we got, we were happy for each other like brothers do.

And so our surf bro was at his home break Liwa this past weekend where the waves were all time epic. Sadly we missed it, but thanks to Allen Aligam’s photos we got to see how great it was. Here are some of AJ’s action shots, obviously taking in what Buji has told many times before.

lining up

didn't get to see the cross stepping, but he went for the nose

and drops five on the nose. yeah boi!

AJ steps back

and glides thru

photos by Allen Aligam

If we were there at the lineup we’d be giving high fives for sure! We’re stoked just to see this. And you know what’s more awesome? This is just AJ’s 1st year of surfing. He used to be more of a skater before and only took up surfing seriously a year ago. Our kid also is still in his 2nd year of College taking up Business Administration. His usual week is busy for school but whatever free time he gets he dedicates it to surf or skate. Surfing and learning. He really got that thing balanced for sure.

Just 1 year in surfing? Crazy right? That’s probably what happens if you really wanna learn and ride waves and you’re really passionate about it. So if you are reading this and you’re still in school and you think you can’t do this, well think again. You just saw AJ hang five.

photos by: Allen Aligam and Rosan Agbon

now that’s a model student right there


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