A Letter From the Editor of LokalSoul.com

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A Letter From the Editor of LokalSoul.com

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a great 2012 and I wish all the best for you guys in 2013. Hey, the world didn’t come to an end after all right? We’re still here and we’re still smiling and having a good time living life. I’ll even say that the world is getting better with all the good vibes we emit just bouncing of each other ready to enter our lives and make change. All we need now is an open heart and a positive mind.

hi i’m TJ. hello from La Union.

Last year was really amazing for LokalSoul. We’ve been to places we’ve never been, met a lot of great people and surfed plenty o’ good waves (oh yeah). Also, the website got its highest traffic in terms of unique visitors with almost about 26K hits at a particular month. Really really happy about that. And we’ve sold some LokalSoul shirts too! Haha. That was fun. The shirts didn’t come out like how I wanted them to be but somehow some people liked it and bought. Thank you very much. I promise to come up with better designs and shirt color next time. Until then, hold on to your old shirts. They’re now a rare kind!

Ok now we go to some personal stuff where things didn’t end up so well. For what I’ve gained I have lost in some aspects of life. It’s hard to balance a lot of things all at the same time. Perhaps I was focusing on what I have on one hand that I forgot what I have on the other. It slipped off, and I lost the love of my life. Friends this one thing is true, that a life in surfing doesn’t come without a price.

So I haven’t updated the website in months. I lost interest for a while and it did took some time. But not anymore. I ended last year and welcomed this year right. I spent the New Year in La Union and got one of the most memorable sessions of my young surfing life. Now I’m refreshed and ready to continue this wonderful journey called LokalSoul. Got to hand it to E.E. Cummings. He said it best – “For whatever we lose (like a you and a me), it’s  always ourselves we find in the sea.” I did find myself. Stoked and grinning and remembering why I do what I do.

Whoa brah, what’s all with the drama?! Haha. Well you know we like to keep it real here in LokalSoul – and that’s what makes us different!  But yeah there’s lots in the future for us and we’re definitely excited. We’re going to give the best stories and info about Philippine Surfing like what we have done for almost 3 years now. Again thank you for the patience and thank you for your continued support. Here’s to a great year ahead of us. Hope some of us get barreled or get to hang ten pretty soon. That is the dream!

What about the North Swell huh? If you’re not surfing now oh man you have been missing a lot! So go pack your bags, head to Zambales, Baler, La Union or wherever and get some waves!  It’s a great time in Philippine surfing and it’s a great time to be surfing. Go read this website, I swear it will help (*wink). See you in the lineup!

Truly yours,

TJ Cafuir aka TJ Lokalsoul on Facebook
LokalSoul.com | Philippine Surfing est 2010
*thank you to Gie Reyes and Karen Lena for the photos!

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  1. lelaina pierce says:

    Dive for dreams
    or a slogan may topple you
    (trees are their roots
    and wind is wind)
    trust your heart
    if the seas catch fire
    (and live by love
    though the stars walk backward)
    honour the past
    but welcome the future

    in spite of everything
    which breathes and moves, since Doom
    (with white longest hands
    neating each crease)
    will smooth entirely our minds
    -before leaving my room
    i turn, and (stooping
    through the morning) kiss
    this pillow, dear
    where our heads lived and were.

    -e.e. cummings

  2. lokalsoul says:

    in spite of everything. hey, i know you 😉

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