JAROMANOY Skimboards: Our Story So Far…

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JAROMANOY Skimboards: Our Story So Far…

written by Vicente Dayrit

Jaro Anillo

It all began when Jaro Anillo started to make skimboards for himself back in 2005. He met Vince Dayrit at Crystal beach trying to learn how to skim. Vince borrowed Jaro’s board and felt that it performed better compared to the other boards he had used. Vince asked Jaro if he could make him a board just like his skimboard and Jaro agreed to make a board for Vince. They became good friends after that. Eventually, Jaro’s boards grew popular amongst the local skimmers as many found them to perform well.

Vince Dayrit

In 2009 Vince needed to make a business plan and had to implement it as a requirement for his thesis subject. So he decided to have fun with it and made a business plan for a skimboard manufacturing business. With the help of Jaro, Vince implemented his business plan for 4 months. It was called JAROMAN skimboards. They manufactured boards at the basement of Vince’s grandfather’s house in Paranaque.

crafting skimboards

After completing all the requirements for his thesis, Vince asked Jaro if he still wanted to make skimboards and Jaro said yes. So they continued on.

manoy bazar

About 4 months into the business, Vince got a call about accommodating a few skimmers from Visayas. The guests would be competing at Korooks 2, an event sponsored by the Alon skimboarding club – the club Vince and Jaro belonged to. That’s where Jaro and Vince met Manoy (Roderick Bazar, a skimboarder from Borongan, Eastern Samar ). After the competition Manoy stayed with Vince and Jaro in Paranaque where he helped out in the workshop where Jaroman makes the boards. Since he also knew how to make skimboards, Manoy was able to help out and earn a few hundred pesos. Jaro was very pleased with Manoy and eventually took him in as his assistant and made him live in Zambales. They rented a small house for Manoy and started making boards in Zambales. Manoy got a lot of attention with his skimboarding skills and it helped get a lot of attention for him and the business. He was able to get sponsorships from Exile skimboards, Fluidsurf and Tribu outdoors with the support of his girlfriend Arianne “Ian” Olmedo who would make skimboarding videos for him.

the 1st Jaromany logo

The name JAROMAN became JAROMANOY after Manoy became a part of the group.

After about a year of production, people started to give contributions to the business, like a good friend Luis Hernandez who designed the Jaromanoy logo in exchange for a place to stay at Zambales. He also designed a few boards that were sold at a higher price for the art.

Luis Hernandez drafting a shark design

Along the way, they met DK. He was interested to get a skimboard and he offered to design skimboards for JAROMANOY in exchange for a skimboard. So he designed a few and the crew was very pleased with his work. Whenever DK drops by Liwa, he always or most of the time designs stuff like surfboards, skimboards and even tatoos.

DK using the boards as canvass

While skimboarding at Crystal beach in Zambales, Jaro and Manoy stumbled upon a curious Joao Carlos Mesquita. He introduced himself and wanted to learn skimboarding. They taught him how to skim and he loved it. He had his own JAROMANOY Skimboard made and instead of touring the Philippines, Jaro and Manoy toured him around Zambales. He had so much fun and wanted to return the favor and make JAROMANOY a website. So he did. Now they are very good friends with Carlos.

left: with good friend Joao Carlos; right: Manoy using the board Joao gave him

Last summer he came over and traded his brand new Exile skimboard for manoy’s beat up skimboard just for the sake of giving Manoy a better board. We really love this guy and he still continues to help us in many different ways.

Currently, Manoy’s girlfriend Ian is the one who makes the designs for Jaromanoy skimboards. She has designed a lot of wonderful works of art that has satisfied the buyers demand.

Ian Olmedo paints art on the skimboards

Tim Yapjoco on the other hand is the tatoo artist of Jaro. He also designed a few skimboards for JAROMANOY skimboards before going to the U.S. for good. Even if he didn’t do much, his work got the attention of a lot of people. He is the 4th artist to do designs for JAROMANOY.

Tim with "the Great Wave" design

jaromanoy skimboards

JAROMANOY has also sponsored and continues to sponsor skimboards to locals around the Philippines. All of their sponsored riders do well in competitions and get podium positions including manoy. They are around to help the skim scene here in the Philippines and also to supply people an affordable yet reliable skimboards.

jaromanoy sponsors and supports the scene

As of now JAROMANOY is located in Bobot’s Resort, Sitio Liw-liwa, San felipe, Zambales. Here they continue with the business, rent out skimboards to guests and enjoy the beach life.

vince at his office, at the jaromanoy kubo at liw-liwa

+ end +

Today JAROMANOY has updated its logo with a stoked Tiki holding a skimboard. The iconic design perhaps symbolyzes the fun and good times that came along ever since that fateful day when Jaro and Vince met. There have been many challenges for sure, but keeping roots and staying true to the passion will always push you thru. Like the logo, we just gotta keep on smiling.

There are now cool and comfortable JAROMANOY shirts available.

comfy shirts with the new logo

the jaromanoy crew with the warmth of the beach and friends

Support local! If you want a custom skimboard made or want to grab their shirts, just contact JAROMANOY Skimboards at 0915 544 6723. Visit the JAROMANOY Facebook page here and don’t forget to check out their photo albums.


Many thanks to Vince Dayrit for the feature. More power and much respect to JAROMANOY Skimboards. But wait! We’re not gonna end this without some awesome skimboarding action. These guys at JAROMANOY are amazing.

ian. not just some girl who skims.

ian glides

vince also at his office

vince loves surfing too

manoy in the pocket. ridiculous.

Jaro getting some air time

*article and photos submitted by Vince Dayrit. additional words by TJ Lokalsoul.



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