Skin Deep with Tattoo Artist Frances Arbie

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Skin Deep with Tattoo Artist Frances Arbie

Wahine Ink

Frances Arbie is one of the few female tattoo artists in the Philippines who has carved a name of her own. With her ink skills, Frances has established a loyal following here and abroad. She currently tattoos in her bustlin’ ink shop located at Shoppesville in Greenhills, San Juan where awesome art comes out of.

Gone Surfing

But what’s really cool about our friend? Frances surfs! Don’t let that little girl look fool you, Frances is as passionate about riding waves as she is about her work. We don’t know a lot of tattoo artists who surf, but we certainly do know about one female tattoo artist who does.

gliding in La Union

When taking a break at tattooing, Frances frequently surfs La Union and is friends with a lot of local LU surfers. And because tattoos and surfing aren’t exactly strangers to each other, Frances has tattoed some of surfers as they go visit her in the city. Here are some of the surfers you’d probably recognize.

that’s Alohaboardsports team rider Junior Ventura stoked with his wave tattoo

Jeff of Moonshine and Saltwater surf photography showing his leg tatt

Norman “Texbak” of Samar with a tribal turtle

Hold Fast LokalSoul

So one day LokalSoul editor in chief TJ, yours truly, decided to drop by Frances’ shop and get my second tattoo (she also made my first one). Been wanting to get tattooed again for so long and it finally happened this time.

inside the studio. scared? of course not! (mommy…)

Frances drafting my tattoo

let the pain begin! i am very ready…

oucccch! it FU*@*’n hurts I’m not yet ready!

Frances telling what a girl I am, while her apprenctice Mano, also a great artist, observes.

alas mateys! my Anchor tattoo is finished. all pain is gone once you see the finished work. yarrr!

and I’m one happy dude

Now I ain’t exactly what you can call a tattoo afficionado but of course the art of tattooing is something that is to be recognized and appreciated. Plus, all tattoo have meaning to them (ideally). Our friend Frances is really creating something special with her work, plus the fact that she also loves the waves gets her high in our book. Much respect.

Frances Arbie Tattoo Shop is located at the 3rd Floor of Shoppesville (inside shoppesville plus), Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan. Call 09152008667 for inquiries. Check her out on Facebook here.

*many thanks to Frances, Franco and Mano. photos by Frances Arbie. written by TJ LokalSoul. pleaseĀ add LokalSoul on Facebook here and follow us on Twitter here.


  1. Mike says:

    Lots of respect to this tattoo artist. You have a fantastic job tattooing light brown skin. The coy fish is amazing.

  2. lokalsoul says:

    thanks for the visit Mike. will tell Frances the good words you’ve put in.

  3. Tattoo art is not just an easy art but Frances is a great artist and good work done by him.

  4. Christian Friborg says:

    Amazing tattoo artist, indeed. She’ll go a long way.

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