What Guiuan Awaits…

The 8th Guiuan Odyssey Waves National Surfing Competition 2012
September 26
Winners of the KARAYAN Local Surf Comp at Pundaquit
October 3
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What Guiuan Awaits…

So aside from the oh so gorgeous waves of Calicoan Island in Guiuan, what else is there to behold of this paradise in Eastern Samar? There’s gonna be a lot of attendace for the 8th Guiuan Odyssey Waves National Surfing Competition that includes surfers from all over the country. Manila surfers are also excited for the event, with a handful of them being first timers in Samar (and that includes us, the LokalSoul crew!).

Now we can’t wait to surf Samar, but we also know that there are tons to do in Guiuan. What are they? Our friend Kinna sent us photos (to tease us more) and we are now salivating like a cocker spaniel on a hot day. Behold, what Guiuan awaits…


CRABS. boom!

grilled SQUID? how big is that thing I don’t know Imma just eat it when I see it boom!

FRESH FISH. colorful, exotic and most probably yummeh FISH!

I have this goal. That I shall go fishing and catch big ones and set up camp and grill my catch of the day and have beer and share it with friends. Buhay dagat!

Natural Wonders

aerial view of Calicoan Island. ugh so beautiful.

the beach

wallpaper anyone?

Calicoan Cliffs!

spelunking at Linao Cave

Is it us or we feel sunburnt already? Let’s take a trip around town and get some history.

the Small Town Vibe

a 17th century church, declared one of the 26 National Cultural Treasure churches in the Philippines in 2001. not to be disrespectful, but I think I can bring my skateboard here.

Discoverer of the Philippines Ferdinand Magellan landed here on March 16, 1521

and we all know that dude loves to put up crosses everywhere he goes. here’s a re-enactment about Guiuan’s history

the local ride. this jeepney will get us around and about.


Mmmm hmmm. we all know how great the surf is here at Guiuan. more photos here.

Oh we can feel the saltwater in our skin already. Freakin’ excited. Planning to post some “on the road” diary posts here at LokalSoul to document our first time in Samar. Stay tuned for that dear readers. We will probably post our pictures eating huge crabs.

But hey, there’s still time. Let’s eat all them crabs together! Book your tickets now!

thanks to Kinna Kwan for the photos. Visit the Guiuan Surf Club Facebook page here.

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