Skate Cruisin’ on a Breezy Baler Afternoon

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Skate Cruisin’ on a Breezy Baler Afternoon

So this one weekend in Baler we have gone from surfing shoulder to overhead waves at Rollin’s Point in the morning to scratching our heads in disbelief that the swell died down later on the day. The South swell sure was sketchy. Anyway there are many things you can do in Baler and good thing I brought my mini cruiser with me. So I borrowed my friend Kara’s camera (a one that looks old school but is really so high tech) and took some cruising clips and some nature shots. Below is the result. Hope you like it. Baler in the afternoon is breezy and cool.

How about the music huh? This was also the weekend I first got to hear Slightly Stoopid’s Mona June. Haven’t stopped listening to it ever since.¬†Thanks to Kara Hizon for letting me borrow her camera and thanks to Baler for being just what it is. Surf and skate and travel Baler.

by TJ LokalSoul


  1. Ely says:

    Pretty good.

  2. lokalsoul says:

    thanks Ely. but incomparable to your videos. haha.

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