Filipino Skimboarders Triumph at the Penang 6th International Skimboarding Competition in Malaysia!

It’s a landslide victory for Team Philippines! Our own Filipino skimboarders stoked at the Penang 6th International Skimboarding Competition taking on the podium.

First place went to Bayogyog, the skimboarder from Mati, Davao who caught nationwide attention when he jumped over a small boat with his skimboard. Click here to watch the Cut the Crap! video here.

Second place is all around waterman Arjun Jimenez of Cebu. The surfer, skimboarder, skater recently signed with DC Shoes Philippines and has long represented the Free Energy Cooperative.

Third place is Manoy Bazar of Borongan, Samar. A legend in his own right, Manoy is no stranger to competitions while he and his friends advocate skimboarding in the country thru Jaromanoy Skimboards.

Congratulations to the winners, to all our skimboarders who went to Malaysia, and to those who have supported the riders. This is a win for Philippine skimboarding in general.

photo by: Gerwin of Surf Skim Skate.