SAKLAY: A Ronnie “Poks” Esquivel Documentary

La Union surfer Ronnie “Poks” Esquivel has recently passed away due to deteriorating health conditions. News of his passing swept across the nation and even overseas to people who got inspired by this one legged surfer who did more with what life has given him. Heartfelt grievances and tributes echoed thru the Social Media –  a testament to how many lives Poks has touched. Sad indeed to lose a hero and a source of inspiration.

Below is a mini documentary uploaded on Youtube entitled Surf Brothers. It focuses on the lives of two amazing Filipino surfers – Poks and younger brother Jay R Esquivel. Here Poks opens up on personal topics like how he turned out to be one legged, his disability, his achievements and his high hopes for his Jay R.


Surf Bros part 1


Surf Bros part 2

“Tulad ng may mga kapansanan, go lang kaya nyo yan. Tulad ko, one leg. Kinaya ko kahit papaano, kahit ano gaano kalalaki ang alon. Basta go lang ng go. Dahil diba habang may buhay mag pagasa naman. Kaya nyo yan.”

Poks won’t be surfing anymore. But he has left good memories that will forever be cherished by his family, friends and surf buddies. And in one way or another we have our own Poks story. Let us keep his legacy alive by retelling his story so that we too can inspire other thru Poks’ life.

*Surf Bros is Directed by Yvette Cacayurin and Produced by Junelyn Mendoza uploaded by user kikomatch3 on Youtube. Thank you guys for doing that.

Rest In Peace Ronnie Esquivel. Where you are you won’t need crutches anymore.