SURF VIDEO: Welcome to Bren’s Surf Break in the Philippines

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SURF VIDEO: Welcome to Bren’s Surf Break in the Philippines

So it was just another rainy day yesterday in Manila and we were so bored to death. When you haven’t surfed for a while the least you could do is skate. But of course being it’s the wet season in the Philippines, all you could do is just stay home and get fat while watching surf videos.

Now here’s a video we found on Youtube about a guy named Bren surfing in the Philippines. The title is Bren’s Surf Break, perhaps meaning he is on a surf vacation taking a break OR he is quite legendary as he discovered a surf spot and called it his own. We don’t know. Nowhere in the video can you find the location is but we do have an idea where this gorgeous place is.

Green, glassy, rolling tropical overheads? Bren, you lucky dog you.

Where is this? We guess it’s somewhere probably facing the Pacific.

Ok. Isn’t that one amazing surf session? Did you also wish you were surfing that break? How’s your sandwich and Pancit Canton? It kinda hurts watching these kinds of Philippines surfing videos while your getting fat right? Once again thank you for watching and please stop eating.

*the cynical writing is a reflective piece of the author TJ to his fattening, out of shape self. he is currently eating chicharon while posting surfing pictures on hisĀ PINTEREST.

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Dear Bren, thanks for this video and hope you don’t mind us sharing it. Also, please take us there.





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