Time to Hang: A Fun Longboarding Competition for Kids

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Time to Hang: A Fun Longboarding Competition for Kids

Here’s something to look forward to this weekend, coz you know good Longboarding is in La Union:

“La Union is known to be the home of the best longboarders in the Philippines. From progressive to classic stylists, you can find most of them here. In an effort to promote longboard surfing amongst the next generation, we’re planning to have a small competition for the kids.

Most longboarding comps are for adults and/or pros, while kids their age are neglected. Hence this competition, which will serve as an avenue for them to showcase their skills and talents. It’s sure to be fun watching our young longboarders surf it out. So come over and see this first longboard competition for the kids.”

– from Jeff Ganuelas of Moonshine and Saltwater

The grommets are really amazing in La Union. But don’t let me tell you that. Here’s a teaser for the fun competition:

clips by Buji Libarnes/Jeff ganuelas

The art of Longboarding is really alive in La Union thanks to passionate people who keep things how it should be – classic, stylistic and most importantly, fun. Just like the folks over at the Log House – a mix group of locals and surfers from Manila who not just enjoy longboarding as it is, but actually makes longboarding a movement. And with the Time to Hang event it is ensured that the next generation will also make the art of logging a part of them.

Now we gotta go watch them kids! See you in LU, May 26, 2012.


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