Cut the Crap! A Skimboarding Video of Epic Proportions

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Cut the Crap! A Skimboarding Video of Epic Proportions

It’s too hard to find the words to entice you dear readers to watch this video after seeing it. My jaw dropped and I’m kinda stupefied. Bayogyog, a skimboarder from the land of high flying skimmers aka Mati in Davao Oriental, jumped over a banca with his skimboard and did a little flip on the side. Also, the way he ripped those glassy Dahican waves – well let’s say he puts some surfers out there to shame. Like me for example.

Bayogyog, we have never met but let me tell you this – we are fans of you now.

So yeah let’s cut the crap and just watch the video:

The video was produced by Lord Jess aka user Kurdec on Youtube. He has done tons of fantastic videos of surfing and skimboarding and basically the lifestlyle of the people down South. Great job man. We are subscribed to your Youtube account and we await your future uploads.

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  1. […] First place went to Bayogyog, the skimboarder from Mati, Davao who caught nationwide attention when he jumped over a small boat with his skimboard. Click here to watch the Cut the Crap! video here. […]

  2. j4ro says:

    ang lupet! idol!! 🙂

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