An Aurora Adventure: The Classic Tour part 1

Noel “Engineer” Tolentino | one of the early Baler surfers

Here’s an analogy. If Baler is Hawaii, then the “Classics” are the Gerry Lopez and the Derek Ho’s of the surfing community. Sure, there’s the John John Florence and the Jamie O’Brien’s of today, but without these group of surf pioneers it’ll be difficult to pin point where modern surfers got their influence from let alone the aspiration to surf.

The history of Baler surfing, as told countless times and celebrated in many forms, was led by Edwin Namoro and his friends such as Noel Tolentino and was then passed on to the next generation. Decades went by and now we see a high flying, highly competitive batch of young Baler surfers. The “Classics”,well, they are still around holding local surf competitions and faithfully keeping watch of developments happening in their home break.

The Baler beach and reef breaks do get crowded from time to time and when that happens, the Classics know exactly where to go. Here is an outstanding video of a recent Classics surfari in Aurora, a video that is entirely a classic on its own.

This video was uploaded by Reno Tolentino. And you can also see him here ripping on his backhand. Talking about the new generation.

The Classics old and new

*very special thanks to Reno for the video. thanks to Jeric Valle, Kuya Mac Ritual and Jason Amatorio of Hakab. Definitely awaiting Part 1.