The Golden Week Festival 2012 at Camarines Norte

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The Golden Week Festival 2012 at Camarines Norte


The Golden Week, Philippines (GWPH) is a yearly TENT/CAMPING tourism project in support of positive developments for San Jose Beach, Talisay, Camarines Norte, Philippines. This is done with the aid of different subculture lifestyles with Surfing at San Jose Beach as the starting point. It also features Skimboarding, Downhill skating, and street skating among others.

This Festival is a major move to reach a bigger objective, not just tourism. It is aimed to promote and help improve or develop the social, cultural and environmental systems of the affected community and neighboring communities, with particular focus on sustainable agriculture and permaculture. The first of this yearly event will be hosted at Duke’s Point Beach House in San Jose Beach through a coordinated effort between the local Tourism Council headed by Mr. Leo Pandeagua, and the municipal mayor Honorable Ronnie Magana.

ACTIVITIES  of the 1st Golden Week Festival
1. Longboard Surf Competition (May 2 to May 5)
2. Surf Lessons / Clinic (April 29 to May 3)
3. Downhill Longboard Race at Queen’s Hill, Basud (April 29 to May 1)
4. Street Skate Competition at Talisay Municipal Hall (through PADRASKA and JACKASS Skateshop) on May 4
5. Skimboarding Exhibitions
6. Musical Performances (May 1 and May 5)
7. Information Campaign and Exhibits on the following:
– Surf, the subculture lifestyle, Full moons and Ocean tides
– Permaculture, Sustainable Energies and Sustainable Agriculture
– The Mining Industry in Camarines Norte
– Upgrade Project of M. Cacho Elementary School at San Jose
– A Daily Vacation Bible School
– Camarines Norte Tourism Photo Gallery

Minimum Budget for the 8-Day Festivity: PhP 3,000.00

** inclusive of:

– Jeepney Service for the Downhill Race
– Quinamanucan Island Trip*
– Surf Clinic*
– 2 kilos of rice for campout cooking
– 1 courtesy Breakfast
– 1 courtesy Dinner
– Maintenance, Comfort and Shower Room use and Service Charges

* Surf Clinic and Island Trips are time constrained. Extensions may incur additional charges.
** Beer, non-tent lodgings and other meals are not included in the estimated budget

This project is spearheaded by The Sprout Initiative through OCEANMOON Interactive, Ltd. Visit the Facebook page of the Golden Week here to find out more. is a proud Media Sponsor of the Golden Week.

Golden Week posters 

*Many thanks to Sam Sendon and the Sprout Initiative

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