The PSA SURFCUIT Training Program

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The PSA SURFCUIT Training Program

So I constantly find myself getting landlocked plenty of times. Oh the pains of being a surfer from Manila. Work, family and many other things refrain you from getting out there. And aside from being surf starved, one thing that really sucks from getting stuck in the city is the fact that you do get out of shape. I mean you know it. How many times do find yourself weakly paddling out, barely duck diving and generally just feeling out shape?  Yeah many times. Surfing is a sport that really builds from muscle memory and the lack of surf – well, good luck on the next big swell.

Last month I was able to attend the SURFCUIT training program of the Philippine Surfing Academy held at the Club Manila East wave pool. Below are photos of what happened. Glad I came!

We started our training with Yoga. Our instructor is Aisa Locsin of Yoga Plus and our batch included TV personality Rovilson Fernandez. I tried Yoga before (no not really) so I ‘m pretty cool about it.

What the hell this is hard! I could barely lift my leg in whatever position this is. My muscles were shaking man!

Ok so I’m pretty clueless. Why can’t I get it right O_o

Seriously though, Yoga is the best way to ready the body for surfing. Professional surfers even have their own Yoga instructors and specialized Yoga regimen. As for me, I really felt my stress torn body loosen up far beyond simple stretching can give.

After Yoga, we headed out to the wave pool. Surfing time! Well not quite yet. We did surf drills like paddling and turtle diving – surfing basics. The SURFCUIT program really emphasizes on the basics. After all it is the basics that you need to brush up with. If you can’t get the basics right you’d probably have a grand time at the white water unable to reach the lineup.

To better get an idea what the training looks like, here’s a video prepared by the Philippine Surfing Academy.

Now it may look fun but I swear the training is serious stuff. You are going to sweat it out and get tired and you will feel pain. Think of it as a boot camp. After my training, I slept like a log that night and felt body aches the morning after. But you know what, it is exactly the same kind of ache you feel after a surf session. Talk about muscle memory huh. When I went surfing immediately the day after, my body was prepared.

Now where were we? Yes. Surfing time! The wave pool may not feel much like the normal surf spots we go to, but it has waves. And if there’s waves we can ride it. And if you ride waves… you get stoked!

Yew! there’s a certain feel out process at first. the waves are tricky and you have to get the right timing to catch the waves. PSA head coach Paolo Soler will definitely teach the trick.

our fit Yoga instructor Aisa catching a good one

sporty guy Rovilson getting his balance on

first timer Danielle getting the hang of it

a more advanced surfer Bea practicing her cross stepping

and one more time for yours truly, “walling” it up

our batch

All in all the SURFCUIT experience is what I needed and more. The Yoga was great, the drills (which I took seriously) really challenged me and the wave pool surfing made the day and got us all stoked. Would I recommend the training program to anyone? Definitely. The SURFCUIT 1. gets you in shape 2. scratches the surfing itch 3. gets you stoked 4. prepares you for the next surf session 5. uhm well, this beats just hanging around the house watching tv.

So yes. The next time you check your schedule and find out you can’t go out surfing, call the Philippine Surfing Academy right away. You may not be surfing, but you can still TRAIN. And the wave pool, it’s the best next thing to actual waves.

Many thanks to Paolo, Rozie and Earl of the Philippine Surfing Academy and to Club Manila East. Check out the poster for the training program.

 *action photos by the PSA



  1. AM Gonzales says:

    How much is the SURFCUIT training program???

  2. lokalsoul says:

    not sure AM. please check the PSA Facebook page 🙂

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