A Manila Surfer’s Guide to the 7th Manila Surfer’s Cup: Para Sa’yo to, Kid!

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A Manila Surfer’s Guide to the 7th Manila Surfer’s Cup: Para Sa’yo to, Kid!


The Philippine surfing bug hasn’t bitten anyone locally more harder than those who live in Metro Manila. These city based surfers come from all sorts of background – college students, doctors, musicians, lawyers, call center agents, bums, celebrities, young professionals, old professionals – and they all devote time, money and effort to surf different surf spots and get stoked over the weekend. In perspective, one can argue that surfers from Manila, from the casual beginner to the dedicated surfer, have contributed well to the rise and popularity of surfing in the Philippines.

The Manila Surfers Association has been around as early as 2005 and is a collection of like minded individuals who fell in love with the waves and decided to pursue surfing not just as a sport or leisure, but as an actual lifestyle. The group started out with only few members but has gone big with hundreds of members as of the current. Yearly, the group organizes an event called the Manila Surfers Cup – a surf competition aimed to create a fun environment and also as a chance to give back to the local community.

Check out the first MSA Cup here and check out the last MSA Cup here.

The 7TH MANILA SURFERS’ CUP: Event Details and Categories

This year’s Manila Surfers’ Cup is to be held once again at San Juan, La Union where it all began. The title “Para Sa’yo to Kid” is a reference to the Medical Mission for the kids of La Union that is to follow after the surf competition.

What: 7th Manila Surfer’s Cup: Para Sa’yo to, Kid!
Where: Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union
When: March 10 to 11, 7am call time
Who: Surfers with AT LEAST 1 year residency in Manila. Open to MSA and non MSA Members,

1. Pre-register at the kick-off party on March 7 party at Hao HK Diner, Jupiter St, Makati 8pm (*preferred).
2. For online registration, email manilasurfersassociation@gmail.com with your full name, address, contact details and desired division. Reply will be sent for confirmation and payment details.
3. Walk in registration at the event, 7am cut-off time. Look for Jam Choa.

Registration fee per person is Php 300 for 1 division and Php 500 for 2 divisions during the kick off party. At the event day, registration fee is Php 500 for 1 division and Php 800 for 2 divisions.

Strictly no pay = no play. Contact MSA officers TJ at 0917 587 4762 and Jam at 0928 520 1768. Don’t forget to accept and join the Facebook invite here.

SURF COMP CATEGORIES and DIVISIONS (with basic explanation)

NOVICE – men’s and wahine – longboard – basic maneuvers (catches own wave, walling, basic turns).

OPEN – men’s and wahine – longboard & shortboard – advanced maneuvers (cross steps, nose riding, cut backs, floaters, etc.).

INVITATIONALmen’s and wahine – longboard & shortboard – past champions, surfers with exceptional skills, sponsored team riders, and surfers willing to compete at this level (subject to approval by the head judge and comp director)

COSTUME – mixed – open theme, anything goes!

*open to all Manila based surfers (MSA and non MSA member) with at least 1 year residency.


head judge and comp director reserve the final decision to transfer a surfer to a different division as the situation dictates. during a heat, if a surfer is ruled to be overqualified in his choice of division and/or if a surfer intentionally performs a maneuver beyond the level of the division as defined by the rules and the regulations of the competition- he/she will get point deductions or eventual disqualification.


Open Division
LONGBOARD: longboards 9ft and up
SHORTBOARD: shortboards 7ft and below, FISH boards (traditional, fishtails) allowed

Novice Division
LONGBOARD: boards 7ft and up, FUNboards (mini mals) allowed.

*boards are subject to approval by the head judge and comp director in accordance to the division (ie, a 7ft board may be a mini mal or a big wave gun). but please, use this as REFERENCE.


Funds that will be raised in this event will be used for the upcoming Medical Mission in La Union. Please join and support the 7th Manila Surfer’s Cup.

Get active and meet new surf buddies. Become a member of the Manila Surfers Association by following this link. Also visit the MSA Facebook page here.

*The 7th Manila Surfer’s Cup is brought to you by the Manila Surfers Association in partnership with Alohaboardshorts and the La Union Surf Club. LokalSoul.com is a proud media sponsor of the event along with other great sponsors. 

last year’s MSA Cup. and hope to see you this March!

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