Kitesurf in the Philippines: Getting Stoked on Waves and Wind

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Kitesurf in the Philippines: Getting Stoked on Waves and Wind

Ok. Honestly, we don’t know much about kiteboarding. Well there’s Boracay and those airborne kiteboarders at Bulabog beach, but that’s about it. What we do know however, is someone who kitesurf and surfs depending on what kind of day it is in the unpredictable world of Philippine surfing. MG Ebro is a friend of ours, and he gets mighty STOKED on any occasion – may it be wild onshore or tame offshore winds.

See M.G. is a kiteboarder and a surfer and plays around the two as dictated by the conditions. When its windy and waves are choppy, he gets stoked with his kite. When waves are good to surf, he surfs with his locally made KM69 custom quad fish. So as long as there’s a swell, he gets his stoke.

So yeah. Let’s see some of M.G.’s videos.

Here’s one in Real

Hanging out in Real, 12-18-2011 from M.G. Ebro on Vimeo.


and here’s another at Bagasbas, Daet

27 Jan 2012 from M.G. Ebro on Vimeo.

We caught up with the gnarly dude and he told us more about his kiteboarding/kitesurfing/wavekiting (yes, we are also confused).

“In general, a sport involving having to stay balanced on a board while being pulled by a kite is called kiteboarding. The different genres are:

1. snowkiting (on a snowboard and pulled by a kite)

2. landboarding (like askateboard with straps and being pulled by a kite)

3. kitesurfing: (on a board in water and being pulled by a kite)

What I do is KITESURFING, and it also has several disciplines:

1. freestyle (generally flat water w/ tricks)

2. surf style (this is basically wave kiting)

3. wake style (use of a board w/ bindings ala wakeboard and doing similar tricks, may include use of sliders, rails etc)

4. wake/skate: (no straps and more of skateboard style tricks)

I do freestyle and surf style. Not all kitesurfers do all styles and some wont even touch the other styles. I know a lot of freestylers and wakestylers who dont like to do surf style – so naturally they don’t have interest in surfing. If there’s no wind, they just sit. So that’s why I love Bagasbas beach (Daet) dahil I can do surf style, freestyle and if there’s no wind, I could do just surfing.

And actually that’s when I took up surfing – because there are many days when there’s no wind. I wasn’t sure that I’d like surfing because to be honest, I thought it was a bit lame compared to kiting. But yeah, I got the stoke and I found out that I really loved it. So now I got two mistresses!”

Waves and wind. Usually us surfers we prefer the first without the other. But with a dual sport like wave kiting and surfing, it is guaranteed that you won’t come out empty after your 3 or 6 hour drive to get some action.

And by the way our stoke dualist has a 13 year old son who also surfs and kite surfs. MG’s son, Alon (tagalog for “waves”, go figure) loves to get stoked as well. It sure does run in the blood and hey, Alon aka “Mr Awesome” has a video too.



Mr. Awesome ripping in the Bagasbas Lagoon from M.G. Ebro on Vimeo.

There you go – Kitesurf or kiteboarding in the Philippines, well you got two rad dudes doing it. Would love to kitesurf too man coz there’s been lots of times you arrive at the spot only to feel the wind mess up your face. And especially with the strong Amihan winds, you really gonna get high with a kite!


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