video: White Lights Skate

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January 26
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February 1
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video: White Lights Skate

Skateboarding was born out of surfing – or the lack of it. And this mini cruiser of mine is an absolute source of stoke whenever I couldn’t go out for a weekend surf. That’s why I’ve been hitting concrete almost every other day. Totally addicting. I mean I’m no awesome skate/longboarder but yeah. It’s great. Cruisin’, a bit of noseridin’ – simple joys man.

So one night surfer/skater Nicky boy, his friend Brix and yours truly met at the Fort to skate and we were messing around and was tripping on Brix’s Ipod. The video below wasn’t really intended to be an actual skate video but just a collection of each other’s ride but we were totally stoked on it so I gave it a shot to edit the videos. Below is the result. Hope you guys like it. Haha.

Astig no? Steady lang. Haha. Anyway, skate really simulates surfing and honestly it does helps you with your surfing. So if you’re starting out on surfing, get into skate or longboarding as well. Stoke on water, stoke on land!

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