Surfboard Art by Pedro Santi

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Surfboard Art by Pedro Santi

Our friend surfer/skater Peter James Villarta has always been the artistic one in the group. One of his creative pastimes is painting art on surfboards using Posca markers. He’s been doing it for a while as a hobby – turning dull surfboards into cool vibrant wave sticks. But as of late, he’s been getting paying clients because his art is getting THAT good. Here are some of our favorite designs by Peds – with some captions on the art by the artist himself.

“This was the very first board design I made. I ripped it off (I wanted to make sure the design would look great so I did…) from this very talented trio of Malleus who creates amazing rock posters. I freakin’ love their style”

Bone says no dropping in.

siren of the surf

a good company when you’re alone at the lineup

“Ting Pating’s board design by PedroSantiProd using POSCA. Original artwork of Dan Mumford.”

this Webber just got a little bit more gnarly

“My Japanese version of Morpheus the Lord of Dreams and Death of The Endless.”

“Bea Salalima’s Mermaid.”

“Dalagang dagat with pink uban.”

Fins. “Erin Cabrera’s fins to match her custom board Tyler.”

“Alvin Pura’s Green Sea Turtle by PedroSantiProd.”


“An idle mind is the devil’s playground, so I updated my Sarimanok.” – Ped’s own board

from this

to this.

“Hokusai’s “Mt. Fuji Of Kanagawa” inspired painting.”

and that’s the artist with his board in one of our surf trips long ago. my yellow fish sure needs some PedroSanti art.

Peds also painted art on the walls at the Circle Hostel. His art is getting across and we would like to see more and more of them. Would you like to get some PedroSanti art on your surfboard? Peter paints on a minimum fee of P500 and it ranges/ depends on the size and extent of the artwork. Not a bad price to pay. And at the same time you’re supporting local “surf” artists. It’s gonna be worth it.

Visit the PedroSantiprod’s Tumblr here. Add Peter James on Facebook here or text him @ 09088661498.

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  1. PedroSantiProd. says:

    thank you LokalSoul! Just to clarify, damage is 500php minimum for a (bit bigger) bond paper-sized piece. XD

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