Manila Surfers Association Relief Drive: Final Batch of Goods Sent to CDO

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Manila Surfers Association Relief Drive: Final Batch of Goods Sent to CDO

Dropped off the last relief goods the Manila Surfers Association has received from its donation drive to the Red Cross Pasig office over the weekend. Aside from tons of used clothes, shoes and bags, we were able to give boxes of canned goods, ready to eat ulam packs, instant noodles and gallons of purified water thanks to monetary donations by some of MSA’s kindhearted members. Thank you very much – you know who you are.

Now to be honest, the donation drive was slow and we didn’t receive much donation like we hoped for. The donation drive coincided with the holidays and so it might be that people were busy and didn’t have time to donate even if they wanted to. Fortunately, with the power of friendship and camaraderie, MSA officers and members still managed to get donations thru funny ways. No really.

MSA and Comedy Cartel

Our friend Lui Tortuya hosted the Stand up Comedy Night for the benefit of Typhoon Sendong victims at TomatoKick Katipunan. It was great night with the comedians of Comedy Cartel providing some clean and many not so clean humor that sent the audience laughing in their seats.  Gotta watch these guys again!

very goods

And the benefit show was a success. The stage was full of donations! Many thanks to the guys of Comedy Cartel and Lui. The goods were dropped off to Red Cross Pasig soon after.


As things now get better at CDO as we speak (water systems are slowly getting restored) its great to know that at least in our own way we have given something to aid. A kid will be fed and a parent will put on warm clothes.

Friends and readers, we are not showing these pictures because we want to brag what we’ve done.. or that we want to show off. Rather, we are posting this because we want people to know that as a collective group we can do something. The surf community can make an impact in our way. You and me – our help matters. God forbid let no disaster happen again, but if it does, we will be there again accepting your donations and dropping them off to the centers.

Again thank you to all those who donated and supported this donation effort. May you guys be rewarded with glassy waves.

*for more info about the Manila Surfers Association, visit their Facebook page here. be a member of MSA. if you’re a surfer (beginner or advanced) residing in Manila for at least a year then by all means you are invited and encouraged to join the group. see membership info here

watch the Comedy Cartel! here’s their Facebook.

tomatokick photos by Isi Laureano. check out her Tumblr here.

red cross photos by Kat Pante

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  1. pio says:

    Hi, I’m foreigner and would like to buy wax and shoes for surfing before to go to siargai. I’m staying in makati. Where is it possible to buy that?

    I’m here for 2 months. Wich places are the best to visit in February and March.

    Thanks for answer.


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