Hidden in Hinatuan: Remote Reef Surf in Surigao del Sur

Surigao del Sur has Lanuza – a municipality with epic breaks home to the Lanuza Surfing Festival. We’ve written about one of its spots before, the dreamlike Punta and its natural mystic. But yet another paradise unearthed, the reef breaks of Hinatuan is again a natural wonder that could also be one of the province’s treasure aside from Hinatuan’s Enchanted River. The stunning surf that breaks beside rock formations truly is a marvel. And guess what, locals and some few visitors are already surfing it.

reef break and you can tell its on an exotic location

 a goofy having it

not the same slabs you’ll find on Cemento, Baler. but this could be on a gentler day. and its lovely as it is.

James Paul Mascarinas is a Mindanaoan hailing from Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur. James is the one who brought this to our attention. He commonly surfs in Lanuza but it was off season then and so he wandered a bit more South to Hinatuan as told by his friends. After surfing here, blown away by discovering something new, James was quick to tell his surf buddies about the break. He called this spot “Red Pearl”. He may or may not be the first one to surf it. But yeah, it takes one wave thirsty soul to find a thirst quenching spot.

Locals told him that the waves always break like this. And according to James, it did break like this on his every visit.

The town is called Barobo. These pictures were taken by Jason Inslee, a surfer/traveler from the US. He and his friends were responsible for the Ok Lang Gihapon video we featured last year. You can tell these guys really sought remote surf as getting to this place in Hinatuan is no walk in the park.

the locals. imagine what can happen if you give each kid a surfboard.

accommodation anyone? looks perfect.

Surigao de SURF

Yet another surf spot in a country of 7,107 islands. For sure, there’s more. You may say we are “exposing” our surf spots and YES, maybe we are. Why keep hidden things of such beauty? Exposure is a good thing, but exploitation is not. So while we keep on discovering new places, we need to keep things as they were and mind how we develop. Development isn’t bad, it is the developers and greed that is the problem.

Gotta go to Surigao del Surf soon! (I always say that but I rarely go past North). But nevertheless my friends, we have another thing to dream of to keep the stoke burning. Please do share and pass it on.

*thanks Jason Inslee for the photos. Do not use them without permission. Thanks James Paul for the amazing stories you shared to LokalSoul.