Zambapalooza 2011 Roundup: Z-Boys Strong

Zambapalooza 2011 Surf Competition Winners
December 20
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December 27
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Zambapalooza 2011 Roundup: Z-Boys Strong

When competition happens at your doorstep, you gotta go represent. This year’s Zambapalooza saw exactly just that. Zambales surfers, although not regulars on National competitions, came out strong and competitive against the best and experienced surf comp regulars. And my how they came out with all guns blazing.

Liw-liwa surfer “Gorz” floats all out during the eliminations at his home turf of Liwa

they call him Batista who usually free surfs at San Felipe. Here he is with a jersey on.

Roldan “Balong” Fernandez of Pundakit hangs five

while fellow Pundakit neighbor Reynald “Kulot” Liwarin coasts with five over

and of course Crystal Beach has to send their own. here is surf instructor Chad Gaspar cross steppin’

now let’s see them young guns

JuveCris “Ewoks” Lavesoria knows to get in the right spots. he is also a competitive skimboarder.

young gun John Louie Farinas of Pundakit. somebody please sponsor this kid.

Zambales now has a super grom in Sylvester Bactad, winning 1st place in the Grom division

There’s also a few Zambales surfers who joined but we weren’t able to get pictures of them. Shout out to Virgel Ramos. But to sum it all up, they were all good. In the world of Philippine contest surfing, there is definitely a big room of the guys of San Antonio, San Narciso and San Felipe. In the vast Zambales coastline, someone somewhere is probably ripping and is getting great. And in a short time, let me be bold to say, that that surfer will probably have to come out soon and represent.

*photos by Jeff Ganuelas for Lokalsoul. words by TJ Cafuir.

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