news: Best of the North Swell to Hit Zambales

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December 13
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December 20
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news: Best of the North Swell to Hit Zambales

a good 3 to 6 feet reading on

Thursday, Dec 15:

With two days to go before the surf competition at One Love: Zambapalooza in Crystal Beach starts, the North swell continues to fire up the Zambales coastline.

Reported just Tuesday this week were shoulder to head high glassy left and right handers at Liw-Liwa, San Felipe. In San Antonio, the Pundakit spots usually alive during the South swell were also reported to be working (yes, even Magic Left). Today, Chad of the Crystal boys reported 4 to 5ft breaks at Crystal Beach Рwaves that according to him will work well with either short or longboards. And with the swell pumping as seen on the forecast above, this eventful weekend sure looks like an epic punctuation mark to a loud and resounding 2011 for Philippine surfing.

So see you in Zambales folks. End the year with a surf.

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