part 2 BALER BLAST OFF: The Aloha Boardsports & Travel Factor Surf & Music Festival 2011

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November 5
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part 2 BALER BLAST OFF: The Aloha Boardsports & Travel Factor Surf & Music Festival 2011

continued from Part 1


And so Day 2 came with a morning greet of beer hangover and a sore body from surfing and partying. The best thing though about waking up – is realizing the fact that you’re not in Manila as you feel the morning breeze of Baler air freshen you up. You just had a grand time yesterday and today will be even bigger. “Wolfgang mamaya, Wolfgang mamaya.” I kept on repeating as I try to locate my slippers that I eventually found in two different places.

And once you’re up there’s only one thing you immediately have to see. The waves.

Sabang beach and everyone was out

local on a typical morning exercise

floater says it’s gonna be a good day ahead

The early part of the day consists mainly of surfing for everyone. Kids, oldies, men, women the break was never empty of free surfers and their trusted surfboards, surf instructors and their trusting students. Of course this was also the day participants of the Travel Factor Surfvivor Challenge –  an annual surf competition for beginners and advanced beginners – are gearing for. What awaits the winners? Grand prize for the solo division is a brand new Webber SLX shortboard and a Surf Betty is up for grabs in the tandem division. Man, new surfboards. It’s like getting a new best friends.

So on we go to the Surfvivor Challenge held in front of the Mahdox Surf School where the center of the action was.

a view from the Baywatch Tower photo by Edward Martinez

catching the action photo by Edward Martinez

tandem division photo by Edward Martinez

and at the Judge’s table Nikki and Buji, Okoy and Saddam photo by Edward Martinez

now let’s see some action

Ting, a goofy, drops left

lady goin’ straight

showing great form

commentators and organizers keeping watch of the contest

back of the awesome Alohaboardsports and Travel factor event shirt. Can you find our logo?

back on the waves, Levi walling a huge one backside.

solo heat getting down the wire

And so ended a great surf competition for participants of the Surfvivor Challenge. Conditions were tough at the beach break with strong current and continuous white water pummeling the surfers. But due to the exciting atmosphere and the loud cheering from the crowd, the contestants put out great effort and great competition was seen. Scores were tabulated and the winners will be announced later on at the music festival.

a huge success and a wonderful time for the Travel Factor Surfvivor Challenge 2011

And yes, after an action packed day at the beach break it was time for the last night of the music festival at the Aliya Surf Camp. Winners of the surf challenge will be announced here, and an onslaught of rock and roll will resonate thru the night.

Salamin kicks off  the night with a bit of screamo

and guess who sang, long time surfer and Alohaboardsports brand ambassador Jericho Rosales. He serenaded the crowd much to the delight of everyone… especially my girlfriend *facepalm

seriously, Echo is the entertainer and a humble celebrity.

awarding time! here are the list of winners and runner ups on this year’s TF Surfvivor Challenge

Tandem Division
Champion: Juliette Sayoc
1st: Gaston Manrique
2nd: Michelle Sayoc
3rd: Rudolf Chua

Champion: Ting Manrique
1st: Junjie Guadayo
2nd: Vincent Fernandez
3rd: Gaude Quimio

here’s Juliette Sayoc with her new Surf Betty surfboard

and here’s Ting getting a beer shower from his friends! a stoked man right here.

After the awarding ceremonies, the stage once again belted out loud music as DJ Joey Santos and DJ Nikki spun their awesome records. And yeah, crowd got wild.


ilabas mo na ang helicopter… PEDICAB!

crowd is electric

partying hard

and as things were getting to a climax


Basti Artadi. the name alone reeks of Metal

monsters of rock Manuel Legarda and Mon Legaspi. hitting the skins is Francis Aquino.

Darkness Fell


locals enjoying every minute of it

some metal heads

Final act was SPY. Now SPY, kids, are one of the pioneers of Philippine reggae. Arguably they were or they were not the first, but certainly they were the earliest musicians who played and spread reggae and world music into the mainstream consciousness thru countless gigs and tireless touring. They basically influenced the reggae bands we now listen to. And up to this day, they still play world class music while keeping the roots at the center of it.

SPY played rousing covers from Bob’s Waiting in Vain to Santana’s Jingo

drummer Chong Tengasantos of Reggae Mistress and Cocojam

the legendary Sammy Asuncion

and here we were, so stoked

The night ended well and the music was a perfect compliment to what has transpired at the Alohaboardsports and Travel Factor Surf and Music Festival 2011. It was no doubt one of the best events of the year. Surf and music do go hand in hand together and you got to give it up to Alohaboardsports and Travel Factor for an excellent job combining the two together.

LokalSoul is thankful to be part of this event and we definitely couldn’t wait to be there again next year. And so should you too. There is so much happening at Philippine Surfing right now and now is certainly the time to try surfing and be part of it. Hey, Baler is just here – one bus away.


and the morning after

well. it’s always gonna be like this.

Thanks Michael del Rosario of A Frog in a Blender for his photography. Thanks Edward Martinez for the additional photos. Thanks to all who we were with at Baler and thanks to our friends both old and new. Hope to spend an awesome Baler weekend again with you.

And don’t forget to keep on reading, your window to this grand thing called Philippine Surfing.




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