BALER BLAST OFF: The Aloha Boardsports & Travel Factor Surf & Music Festival 2011 part 1

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BALER BLAST OFF: The Aloha Boardsports & Travel Factor Surf & Music Festival 2011 part 1

BALER. Oh this amazing place we love so much. Many of us have already called this town in the Aurora Province our home away from home. Baler indeed has embraced us and has treated us well and that is why we never go tired of coming back again and again. Here we continue to make new friends. Here we get to know the locals and the province history more. Best, here we get to surf better than the last time we did and we have more fun every single time we visit. In Baler, just being there is a stoke entirely in itself.

Aloha Boardsports & Travel Factor Surf & Music Festival 2011

In the days of Oct 29 to 31 a groundbreaking event happened at the shores of Sabang beach, Baler which definitely made a huge impact on the surfing scene. Aloha Boardsports and Travel Factor presented the Surf & Music Festival 2011 – an event that saw an exciting beginner surf competition during the day and outstanding musical performances at night. Inns and hotels were fully booked as about 600 city dwellers went to Baler to be part of what is to become the biggest event of the year. is a proud media sponsor of the Surf and Music festival and here are highlights of what went down in Baler.


the Aliya Surf Camp prepped up for the Music fest

the Havaianas Art Exhibit showcasing works of art

the massive stage

class is in session. Alohaboardsports riders Ian, Anthony and Junior giving surf lessons

and someone just got her first taste of stoke!

an Aliya surf instructor and his student on the way to school

this student gets an A

freesurfing, here is Alohaboardsports rider Buji Libarnes who’s on a mission to Coast Thru Life.

big waves. albeit a bit of wind, the Pacific swell came to the show

catching a bit of the action. TJ of LokalSoul, yours truly, getting some inspiration

and then the night came. time for the big stage!

local talent. Peter North – a band made up of top Baler surfers

Roy. owner of Aliya Surf Camp. he loves surfing, music and good vibes.

surfer Gab Jover of Juan Drama belting originals and covers

merch. hardworking people enjoying at the booths.

they know adventure

party goers

kids. and their sun tanned skins.

and then Coffeebreak Island took to the stage

the crowd goes wild

sweet lovin’

ibalot na yan! and before you can catch your breath, Tropical Depression fires up a storm

ang toyo nyo’y lalabas din lamang

surfers. steady.

Echo enjoying the night, and the Tata Ponds too.

and back to the stage the band of the moment, FRANCO.

fangirls and fanboys


gabby and 8


and the night ended with Manila Beer. tons of it.

Whewww. And that’s just the first night.

The big stage, big bands and the pumped up crowd emitted an electric vibe at the event grounds. Festival goers cheered from start to finish enjoying the lineup of such a great musicians. Juan Drama sang their popular song “The Summer You Were Mine” and also did a great cover of “Mr. Brightside”. Coffeebreak Island, no stranger to surf events, performed well loved CBI originals “Sweet Lovin” and “Gahaman” and ended their set with their cover Toots and the Maytal’s classic “Monkey Man” – a number that never fails to get the crowd rowdy. Tropical Depression made sure roots reggae music overwhelmed the ears. Papa Dom pleased the crowd when they played their hit song “Bilog”, often changing the lyrics to comic effect and extending the jam for a more memorable performance. And Franco. Well they’re Franco. They rocked our faces off.

Day 1 was a blast. But Day 2 was even bigger. Watch out for part 2 of our event coverage here on LokalSoul. Pictures are now uploaded on our Facebook account. Add us up because if you’re at the event, we may have a photo of you.



  1. Lois says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I was too stoked and too tired to take photos. So glad for posts like these that relive the experience!

  2. lokalsoul says:

    oh you were there! thanks! bummer we didn’t meet but glad to share this amazing weekend with you guys!

  3. Yam Manuel says:

    dude, love the first photo!

    was there also.. definitely the surfing event of the year!

    next year uli! haha

  4. lokalsoul says:

    thanks! photos by my friend Mike del Rosario.

    oh man. i had so much in those 2 days. my throat hurt singing to Wolfgang!

  5. Thanks Lokal Soul for being part of the Surf & Music Festival 2011! Great coverage here. 🙂

    We’ll see you again next year!

  6. lokalsoul says:

    glad you liked it. we had a blast! congrats and yeah, see you next year!

  7. It’s been like years since I last set foot on Baler soil but I have fond memories of the place. I never imagined an event like this is possible in the far shores of Sabang. I remember the big swells that we used to look at during rainy months . . . they were “ginormous”. I imagined, it’s a good place for surfing. (I never thought of learning then . . . who would? No professional surfer has ever seen these magnificent waves until a few years ago . . . so, not a lot of local people thought of learning the sport then . . . so no one to teach me). I wish I can come back one day and learn to surf in the shores of Sabang . . .

  8. lokalsoul says:

    well actually there’s been surfing in Baler since the 80’s. and the 90’s was the golden time too. but yeah, never too late to surf!

  9. […] out at the breaks of Sabang beach. This year, the Aliya Surf Camp hosted yet another great event (remember the Surf and Music fest?) at its doorsteps. Competition went down at Rollin’s Point – a left and right beach […]

  10. Dino says:

    Hi Lokalsoul, thanks for keeping this site up. Is there an event like this one
    this year?

  11. lokalsoul says:

    Yes there will be Dino. Standby!

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