video: the LokalSoul Surf Film Night

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video: the LokalSoul Surf Film Night

We are so thankful that lots of people came to the LokalSoul Surf Film Night last September 22 at TomatoKick in Katipunan. It just goes to show that the local surf scene is really expanding and that there are lots of Filipinos out there who enjoy and support these locally made surf films and videos. Hopefully this will inspire filmmakers professional or amateur and of course the avid surfers, to make more films about this thing we love – surfing. We can never get enough of it.

Here is a video made by our friends from EK Productions. Please excuse TJ, our Editor-in-Chief (that’s me), for sounding incoherent in the interviews probably because of the combination of nervousness and beer. Aside from that, everything’s great. Haha.

LokalSoul: Surf Film Night from Emeric Fernandez on Vimeo.

The Surf Film Night was one memorable night made of good vibes. And we would like to thank these people who without the Film Night wouldn’t have happened. Kat Pante, the technical supervisor and ever supportive girlfriend. Isa Afable, the awesome artist who made our poster. Samantha Lee, director of the AGOS documentary. The surf videos of Buji Libarnes and Nikki dela Paz, Jeff Ganuelas and Kitya Ferrer. To Lui Tortuya, for graciously hosting the event at TomatoKick in Katipunan. Kage Gozun, for hosting our mini “lokal surf quiz”. Mark Cristino, for taking great photos. The members of the Manila Surfers Association, they made the night crazy fun. EK Productions – Emeric Fernandez, Fegie Zamora and JR Dumantay. To all of our surf friends, to the new friends we met and basically to EVERYONE who came. You made the night and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

They are more surf films out there,  so definitely this is not the last Surf Film Night. Hope to see you there next time and we look forward to an even more exciting night to share with everyone.




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