The Day of Carille Overheads

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September 30
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October 6
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The Day of Carille Overheads

Known as an alternative surf spot in La Union ideal for longboarding, Carille works in specific conditions and generally gives fun, long ride waves.¬† But in the onset of Tyhoon Pedring and Quiel’s dual devastation just last week, the coming swell awakened the sleeping giant of Carille. In an epic surf session shared by a fierce few, here are glassy overheads and the gnarly surfers who took them head on.

Words by Ely Cresencio and pictures taken by Angel Villanuea September 30, 2011

one of Marie’ double overhead waves

Marven Abat’s spray

Anthony Leubben is airborne

Wilson Faraon was complaining that his waist hurts because the ride is so long
Junior Ventura’s longboard up in the air. And he landed this right
Australian shaper Karl Schaper. He shapes Angel and Marie’s boards and the Fullers’ too (Winnie and Riis)
Mr. Yutaka Kishida from Japan who now lives in La Union
Big-wave rider Basyong Hermosura. He agreed to surf Poro Point’s outer reef (can be seen from Carille at this time), if I provide a boat. Tang Jun, too.
Melai Karaan from Bacoor, Cavite but who now works in La Union. One of her several overhead waves, if I may add
Tisoy Ebueza enjoyed the wave immensely. Its always fun having him around
Johnny, another shaper from Australia. His specialty is glassing and fin-making. There are 3 Australians shapers, including Mick Gorman, who are in their yearly sojourn here in La Union.

and this is attorns Ely!

*Thanks to Ely for sharing the pictures and Angel for taking them. Carille ladies and gentlemen. And taken from the words of long time La Union surfer Angel Villanueva, “Iba rin talaga ang Carille pag bumigay.” (When Carille breaks, it is really something.)

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  1. […] glassy, chest to overhead sets at Carille. It was peeling perfect, like a wave machine but not as big as this epic session. Pretty stoked though. Apparently it’s been a yearly thing where my friend (and idol) Buji of […]

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