AGOS Surf Documentary by Samantha Lee

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September 17
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September 20
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AGOS Surf Documentary by Samantha Lee

AGOS is a glimpse into the life of surfer Mocha Eduzma as she goes about her daily life in a rural village in the Philippines. It goes beyond the stereotype of the “surfing lifestyle” while at the same time explores its fundamental values like perseverance, simplicity and passion.

Also featured is Lilay, Mocha’s young wahine protege that is currently making it big in local surf competitions. She is the future of female surfing in the Philippines.

Directed by filmmaker Samantha Lee, AGOS won University of the Philippines’ Best Documentary Thesis 2011. The film is also making waves in international film festivals.

Official Selection, 4th Ombak Bali International Surf Film Festival (Bali, Indonesia)

Official Selection, 4th New Kingston Film Festival (New Kingston, New York, USA)

Official Selection, 2nd Docutah: Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival (St. George, Utah, USA)

Official Selection, 1st British Surf Film Festival (Newquay, Cornwall, UK)

Official Selection, 1st Guam International Film Festival (Guam, USA)


AGOS will be shown in Manila onSept 22 as the main feature at’s SURF FILM NIGHT at TomatoKick, Katipunan. Below is the trailer of AGOS, an indie surf documentary of Daet surfers Mocha and Lilay.

Agos Trailer from Samantha Lee on Vimeo

Don’t miss the screening of AGOS at the SURF FILM NIGHT. Here is something to treasure in this wonderful world of Philippine Surfing.

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  1. Boks says:

    How much for the admission fee? Where can we reserve our tickets?

  2. lokalsoul says:

    Boks no entrance fee. Just bring in the good vibes 🙂

  3. […] AGOS – a surf documentary of Daet surfers Mocha and Lilay by filmmaker Samantha Lee. Watch the trailer here. This is a night where we can gather with our friends and watch films about surfing, talk about […]

  4. Boks says:

    LIBRE! Panalo!
    Mocha was our first instructor, that got me and my gf into surfing.

  5. lokalsoul says:

    ah tlaga. astig! punta ka brod!

  6. Boks says:

    Congrats on last night’s event… ulit makati area naman.. unahan ko na kayo sa tables =D

    still had a great time last night on our makeshift table under the tree.

  7. lokalsoul says:

    haha salamat sa pagpunta! sa uulitin

  8. Martin Howell says:

    Loved the trailer, great light, perfect music, look forward to seeing the whole film

  9. […] is an amazing surfer who has placed in numerous surf competitions. You might remember her from the documentary AGOS – the one we showed at the LokalSoul Surf Film Night.  Yep, me and Rozie are fans of her. […]

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