Traveling in Comfort via the JoyBus to Baler!

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Traveling in Comfort via the JoyBus to Baler!

Gone are the days where traveling to Baler is torturous. Today, concrete pavement replaced the bumpy dirt roads along the zigzagging path to Aurora. But also another great development, is the mode of transportation. The Genesis Transport Service recently unveiled a new line of executive coaches that made it even better to travel by bus. Ladies and gentlemen, traveling in style and comfort, here is the Joybus to Baler.

JoyBus. Executive Coach of Genesis Transport Service, Inc.

baggage securely goes here

and of course, the JoyBus is surfer friendly.

the bus is spacious, well conditioned and the seats are super comfortable.

LokalSoul recommends riding the JoyBus every time you’re going to Baler. No seriously, it’s that good. It’s like flying first class on a luxury plane. Here, take a look at the reasons why you really should aboard this heaven sent bus.

  • BUS STEWARDESS – this lovely lady will make sure you’ll get the best experience aboard the bus.
  • ON BOARD COMFORT ROOM – yes. oh yes. there is no need to explain how convenient this is. no more holding it in!
  • NO STOPOVERS – since there is no need to stop for nature calls, once the bus leaves Manila the next stop would already be in Baler. this cuts the travel time to around 5 to 5 1/2 hours. Baler in no time! but what happens if you get hungry?
  • FREE SNACKS – food! munch on cupcakes, biscuits and also get a bottle of mineral water. and while eating why don’t you go online with the free use of the…
  • WIFI on BOARD – check the surf forecast on MSW mobile, check-in to Foursquare, re-Tweet and update your Facebook status. simply just ask for the password and you shall log in. wait, are feeling sleepy now? then rest well with the…
  • FREE BLANKETS and PILLOWS – recline your oh so comfortable seats as the lights go dim. the bus stewardess shall offer you a soft pillow and a comfy blanket to make sure you’ll get sound sleep. and when you wake up from a relaxing nap, you get a…
  • FREE GOOD MORNING KIT – freshen up with kit of soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. all of good quality of course. so when you step out the JoyBus, you’ll feel as fresh as the morning Baler air.

Never had a bus before with that much amenities. Genesis did have executive coaches before, but not like this. Comfort room on board? That’s amazing. By now I’m sure you can’t wait to try the JoyBus. Check out their schedules and some important details below.



12 midnight

1 am

fare: P650

Terminal is at 704 EDSA Corner New York St., Cubao, QC.

BOOK in ADVANCE. call 709-05-44 to 45 or 441-6834



4:30 am

3:00 pm

fare: P650 

Genesis Terminal (near Baler market) and at Genesis Bus garage (near Sabang beach)

look for dispatcher to reserve seats

*prices are subject to change

Book in advance. Especially during peak season, you really really have to book in advance. Lots of people board the JoyBus and walking in on the terminal trying to be lucky might not end well.  You definitely won’t wanna miss your trip to Baler. And here is a contact person in Genesis for more information. Call or text Loren Zubia at 0917-932-5020. There you go.

Here are some more pictures of our recent trip to Baler via the JoyBus.

this surfer is in deep sleep


lcd screens inside the bus

So there you go. Another reason to travel Aurora. Try the JoyBus on your next trip. Reaching Baler has never been this great. Hey, take your friends with you and go surfing! And have you heard? There’s a SURF and MUSIC Festival happening in Baler this coming October. Don’t miss it!


  1. Lois says:

    This is great news! So much easier to enjoy the surf in Baler. Really convenient! But wait.. how much does it cost?

  2. lokalsoul says:

    wow that comment was fast. it’s 650 pesos only. the post is now update with the price. thanks for dropping by!

  3. tina says:

    This is great! Hope to try this sooN! Thanks for sharing ;D

  4. lokalsoul says:

    joybus is the best!

  5. ann says:

    my kids and i are planning to go to i need to pay for my 4 years old son?

  6. lokalsoul says:

    yes i believe you have to pay

  7. ann says:


  8. christian says:

    The fare is at Php 695.00 as of 05/21/2012. You can reserve by phone and pay through their BDO account..

  9. lokalsoul says:

    thank you for the update Christian

  10. Loren says:

    Hi Sir,

    I’am Loren Zubia from Genesis Transport. We would like to invite you again to write an article for our Joybus Baguio. Hoping for your positive feedback.

  11. lokalsoul says:

    Hi Loren,

    Of course we would love to write again for Joybus! This time Baguio? Would definitely love that! Please email us at or text at 0917 5874762, name is TJ!

  12. JeffZ says:

    Thanks for this info!.. It really helped!

    We’re going to Baler this evening and we’re riding JoyBus coz of this. It’s like a point-point shuttle service, only got bigger. 🙂

  13. velpepper says:

    hi thanks for the info on how to go to baler..keep safe!!:)

  14. lokalsoul says:

    nice! enjoy your trip and go surfing!

  15. lokalsoul says:

    you will love the Joybus. keep safe too!

  16. treyseegirl says:

    Thanks for this! I’m excited to leave for Baler and catch some waves this weekend! 🙂

  17. lokalsoul says:


  18. […] packed my bag and board and reserved a seat on a bus going to Baler. I reserved a seat on the JOYBUS and paid through BDO Php 695 for a single trip. For some, this is already expensive, but for a […]

  19. Joanna C. says:

    Hello. You know what? This blog is very helpful despite the fact that this was posted over a year ago. We plan to go to baler next month but because it says here that reservation must be done earlier i called already for reservation a minute ago. Thank you thank you! 2 thumbs up!

  20. art rigor says:

    I want to reserve a seat for joy bus and pay thru BDO, but, there’s no BDO in North America. Can Joy Bus management inform the public the BDO Bank Account number where we can transfer/remit or send our ticket payment?.. Much better, how can we pay by VISA?

    This payment scheme will help bring more tourists to Baler, isnt it?

  21. Judy Hickman says:

    Hi! I’m going to Baler in January 2013 with my husband and 20 month old baby. Do you happen to know if there’s fee for infant too? We’re thinking of bringing along our car seat just for our daughter’s security, would that also cost PHP695? I gave my niece the Genesis contact numbers posted here but she said she couldn’t get through the line. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

  22. Judy Hickman says:

    Hi. My husband, my 19 month old baby and I are visiting Baler in January 2013. I have too many questions and asked my niece to contact Genesis bus but she said she couldn’t get through the line. Anyways our most important concern is, does the Joybus have seatbelts? We’re bringing along our daughter’s car seat so she can sleep in the bus comfortably and to save us the trouble too in keeping her seated. I’m hoping it’s possible to bring it or we might end up renting a car.

  23. lokalsoul says:

    hi Judy, the Joybuses definitely have seatbelts and I’m sure the car seat would lock up just fine. just a head’s up though, you might wanna reserve for the first or second row seats behind the driver. They are the ones most stable. and bring winter clothes for the baby. it’s winter cold inside the bus. Have a safe trip!

  24. Judy Hickman says:

    All numbers provided are hard to reach and it’s stressing me out since we paid for our seats already. Even this Loren Zubia’s number can’t be reached!!!!

  25. Lily :) says:

    I plan to go back to my homeland this coming March so i want to know kung mgp reserve aq ng sits a day before na uuwi aq ehh mkk avail aq ng sits,.. and how long ang travel coz 8 hours travel in an ordinary is a very big problem to me,.. hope i will get answer ASAP ,.. THANKS

  26. lokalsoul says:

    yes 1 day before makaka avail ka. and kapag Joybus it only takes about 5 to 6 hrs 🙂

  27. lokalsoulfan says:

    Hi Lokalsoul, tanong ko lang sana kung ganon pa rin kaya yung schedule ng Baler-Manila? 4:30am and 3PM pa rin? Any idea? Thank you!

  28. lokalsoul says:

    matagal tagal na akong hindi nakaka Joybus hehe pero alam ko ganun parin. meron ata 3am.

  29. […] hours. It has recliner seats and a portable toilet onboard. The P700 fare is supposed to include snacks and a bottle of water, Wi-Fi, a bus stewardess, blankets and pillows, and a morning kit. I’m not sure if all of these are only provided if you’re Baler-bound, because on your […]

  30. Rozeechic says:

    This is very helpful!! Thanks, Lokalsoul! ?? We’ll go to Baler today. Eh, tonight. Hahaha! ????

  31. vhyne says:

    Im planning to go to Baler tomorrow early morning 12am hoping to reserve a seat for tomorrow

  32. Mylene la pena says:

    We are planning to go to baler on march 29.hoping to reserve a seat good for 2 person

  33. everina venturillo says:

    Hi, we want to reserve for 8 pax on june 12.

  34. Rodge says:

    I just wanna ask if Joy Bus permitted pregnant women to ride during trimester of her terms or should I say for about 33 to 34 weeks? Thank you in advance (Y)

  35. chery says:

    can you tell me what time the first trip on November 20 Friday . and what is the near bus station in cubao where i could find the joy bus station

  36. Luke says:

    Hey, I’m flying to Manila tonight and was hoping to get the joy bus straight up to Baler. But my flight doesnt land till midnight. Is there any chance i could make the bus?

  37. May Amores says:

    hi.. We’re going to baler this coming saturday.
    I just want to know what is the best time to go to the terminal?

  38. Vedy says:

    what’s the difference between a de luxe and semi-deluxe bus?

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