Waves by the Pier at Borongan, Samar

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Waves by the Pier at Borongan, Samar

Samar is already known as a prime surf destination in the Philippines. It’s beauty has been featured a lot – from the videos of pristine Calicoan Island in Guiuan to the remote areas where John Callahan loves taking photos. From what our surf friends have been telling us, Samar is simply paradise and it is there where they would love to come back again and again. For us here at LokalSoul, it still stands as one of our Philippine surfing dream destinations.

You probably still remember Abdel Elecho from our Filipino surfers of Dubai feature. He recently published surf photos of his hometown Borongan, Samar and we certainly just had to feature them here.

by the pier

locals enjoying these blessings

surfer Butchoi Seso

“Borongan boulevard, a sand bottom beach break and rivermouth, ideal for learners to advance surfers. At its best during the Amihan season (November-April). The birthplace of Samar surfing.” – Abdel

surfer Myrel Chrestopher Santos


waves waiting for you and me

Imagine surfing here until the sun sets. Here is one spot to add to the bucket list of places to visit. Abdel will be coming home to this very soon and he is excited about it. He even invited us to go visit Borongan. Well, I said yes. I’d come over there soon. I really wish I was certain of that. For a surf journalist of some sort it is quite painful to be invited to so many wonderful places yet so little resource to do so.

And so little time too. But while we sit front of our computers slaving the day away, its good that we have Borongan, Samar to dream of.  That spot with waves by the pier. Ah just thinking about it is already relaxing.

*thanks to Abdel for the pictures. If you want to go surfing at Samar, visit the Endless Samar Surf Tours. You can’t go wrong with a name like that. More info on Eastern Samar in general at this website.

Go travel.





  1. liwen says:

    is there good surfing there around christmas time??

  2. ian says:

    headed there now with no watershoes, hoping it is sandy?

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