Capones Island Beach Cleanup at the Big Z

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August 23
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Capones Island Beach Cleanup at the Big Z

The Big Z surf event, with preparations and arrangements set, had to push thru even though there were no hopes of waves coming. But the event is not yet over. As soon as the swell hits south side the organizers at the Zambales Boardriding Association will make the call for the competition to resume. It’s the Big Z Reloaded and this weekend looks promising.

Many things did go well that day like the skate competition and the Zamba Attack skim competition. The Bikini party at night was a blast too. But one thing that we were really privileged to be part of is the Capones Island beach cleanup. We’ve never been to Capones before but has always marveled at its beauty. Who would’ve thought there’s trash in this island? Apparently, there’s a lot.

The volunteers were given trash bags and were designated to boats that will lead them in about 30 to 45 minutes to Capones Island. Below is our pictures of the trip and the cleanup.

pundakit shore

Jash of Baktin Surfing taking duties as our captain

capones island right there

approaching our destination

everyone got their trash bags

and the cleanup has begun

bottles, cans, plastic. main reason are campers leaving trash plus garbage being swept into the island

even the cops are helping out. i think.

the bayanihan spirit

our friend Robert making bbq out of slippers. he is a San Antonio local and makes Zambales t-shirts at Damnit Clothing.

its a great sight to see everyone helping out


and by the time we finished, our bags were full of plastic and rubber sandals

this is Robert and yours truly goofing at the cleanup.

our boat full of trash bags. garbage were then transported to proper dump sites.

lovely view going back to Pundakit

Islands Capones on the left and Camara on the right

San Antonio, Zambales is truly a beautiful place. Hope that beach cleanups do happen on a regular basis since storms and winds sweep garbage from the main areas into these wonderful islands. Thanks to the local government and the people behind the Big Z event for allowing us to be part of the cleanup. Clean and green is the way to go and it helps the waters we surf and swim in stay clean too.


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