Mike Oida x the Kabayan Swell

Mike Oida owns and operates the Kapuluan Vista Resort, Hotel and Restaurant up North in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Much has been said about their food and accommodation with visitors raving about having a wonderful time. Mike together with wife Alma is known to welcome travelers from all over and provide them a pleasant stay with their own brand of comfort. Sure sounds like paradise up there.

Speaking of accommodations, Typhoon Kabayan came with a mighty force into the country early this month. The storm brought good swell and it sure did came knocking in front of Mike’s door. And folks, what were about to witness next is how Mike Oida became hospitable to the Kabayan Swell. Huge barrels and glassy lefthanders, Mike knew exactly how to treat them and he treated them well.

when kabayan meets kapuluan

just a minute. let me catch my brea– ok more Kabayan please.

 drop it

like it’s

oh man it’s ovuuuuh!

wait. now Mike will get barreled.


Enough enough this is too much. I know what you’re thinking right now, probably the same as what I am thinking – let’s leave this damned place we’re at and go surf Pagudpud! When the swell hits Kapuluan oh IT IS paradise up there.

Thanks a lot to Mike Oida for sharing the pictures. I also want to thank him for ripping like how he rips. Visit Kapuluan Vista’s website here and its Facebook account here. More, much more pictures just like that above. And dear reader if you are planning to go visit Pagudpud anytime soon let me tell you just one thing… take me with you!!!

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