Surfing at Bayawan, Negros Oriental

Bayawan City has the largest land area in the province of Negros Oriental. It is known as the agricultural capital of Negros Oriental and the city boasts the distinction of being a “Character City,” a member of the International Association of Character Cities and a pioneer Department of Health-certified “Healthy City” in the Philippines. Recently, it was recognized by the Asian Institute of Management city as “one of the Top 10 Best Cities to Live In in the Philippines”.

Ok so we get it. Bayawan is a great city in a great province. Fresh air, friendly people, clean and healthy living. Probably has great food too. The Visayas is just awesome.

But located at the edge facing the Sulu Sea, there is another reason why we think Bayawan is amazing. Friends, there is SURFING in Bayawan.

Gab Jover uploaded photos on his Facebook and was glad to share the pictures to LokalSoul. Here is a glimpse of what the surf is like in this otherwise unknown surf spot to most.

pictures taken at Piggybank & Sande’s Point

a rocky point. not exactly reef but you can see why the waves break at this spot.

good lefts

shoulder high

breaks right too


here is Gab with a longboard and some of the Bayawan Boys crew doing a mini-shaka

nice isn’t it

locals surfing till sunset

photo credits: Narex of Bayawan and Gab Jover

It’ll be pretty awesome to interview some of the Bayawan Boys and have them tell us more about the surfing in Bayawan. But for now, that’s another surf spot in the Philippines uncovered. Before this we have never heard of surfing in Negros. Many thanks again to Gab and Narex. In an archipelago of 7,107 islands, there is no doubt there are many unexplored surf sports out there in the country. Let’s keep on exploring and share what we find. Surfing is a gift and there’s plenty for you and me.