Siargao’s Osot Alcala on Surfing Life Magazine

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Siargao’s Osot Alcala on Surfing Life Magazine

Next time you pick up a surf magazine, keep your eyes open for Filipino surfers. You’ll never know. You might be looking at two page spreads of world class Filipino surfers riding the tube.

and in this case it’s Rodolfo “Osot” Alcala of Siargao featured on Surfling Life magazine Feb 2011 issue

that’s Osot along w/ the crazy cool Paul Fisher, the girl of our dreams Alana, and of course KS10. now ain’t that something.

These are scans of VJ Japos using a phone camera. She was hanging around a friend’s house when she chanced upon the Feb 2001 issue of Surfing Life magazine. With Siargao being her “getaway” place, a rush of excitement went thru VJ as she recognized Osot who she personally got to know during a Billabong competition in one of her visits in the island she truly loves. And as she tagged Osot in Facebook, we saw the pictures and there is no way we can’t have it featured on Luckily for us, VJ much obliged all for the love of surfing. Here are some more scans.

as the words in the photo puts it:  “local tube guru stylishly threading pit after pit of giant waves”

VJ gave us more info about the feature.

I was actually in Siargao when the Reef Team was there and that was the time it was taken. The Reef Team came as part of a trip they were making and Cloud 9 was one of the stops. That visit was not intended to feature any local. So we were not expecting that Osot will be in the mag.

But I think they liked Osot and he was always asked to surf with them that’s why they had a good photo of him. In the magazine they called him “ local tube guru stylishly threading pit after pit giant waves”. Also, the local guys were green with envy because Osot was brushing elbows with Alana. The feature was from Surfing Life, Feb 2011 Issue.

Osot in a 2007 poster at Ronaldo’s, famous grill and resto in General Luna

In our much read classic Lokalsoul interviews with the Siargao surfers, Osot revealed a lot about his personality and talked about the barrel as his top arsenal in surfing. Last year on our visit to Siargao we got the chance to meet the laid back local and wished him well on his career. Osot went on to win the 2010 Siargao International Surfing Cup the following day.

Osot, Kit of Cloud 9 Surf, TJ of LokalSoul who writes to much, and the prolific Piso at the Cloud 9 tower

now and then

As one of the top surfers in the country, Osot truly has come a long way since that old poster from Ronaldo’s. A string of big contest wins, website interviews and this recent feature on Surfing Life certainly puts Osot on the surfing map. Along with him of course, is Philippine surfing.

There is a pool of talented surfers in the Philippines that is definitely magazine worthy. The pictures all around our archives are proof. We are a big fan and so should you.

*Many thanks to VJ Japos for the pictures and her support of Osot and Philippine surfing.


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  2. Gianni says:

    Grande Usot!! He is also surf instructor (and friend!!!) for Kermit surf & Dive EcoCamp Siargao…..

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